H. Maria - platform is really touchy


Hello @cageycat OK, understood. Thanks for your reply!:smiley:


I assume that advice on possible ways of clearing the issue (caches, browsers, etc) is acceptable?


We were putting the help stuff into TIPS under Resources, but it isn’t easy to find them when in need of quick help. :frowning:

A “help” reply would be okay but maybe as a short note? One of Nodder problems (me too LOL) is how we tack on an extra thought, and it starts a new topic inside the topic. Gets harder & harder to split those kind of messages.


What I’ve noticed is when I got down to a certain point on the map and switched from new to old, instead of a full tile I received a partial tile with a border. It was like when switching to “old,” I was shown an adjacent map. Otherwise, everything else is okay for me.


Hi all, thanks for all the info in here. @E-Bear we have dreams of a more systematic user feedback system, but haven’t got one up yet. There are only a couple of us working on tomnod (and not all full time :grimacing:) so we are hustling but in many ways are right now relying on tomnod in it’s “fabulous” :wink: “as-is” condition. It is still capable of processing incredible amounts of imagery and data which is of primary importance, but we can imagine how many improvements could be made to the tagger experience! Thanks in the mean time for all your work.


Hello @Mel_Nod, that’s completely understandable. Thanks for your work as well! :smiley:


It was noted in the forum that it would be helpful for you to know the systems that we are using. I have the big Imac all in one (27" diagonal screen). I use the apple mouse which I recharge via the apple lightening attachment wire. I access Tomnod via Chrome. I have used this system all along without any problems. The only other thing which I have noticed is that if the screen zooms out to minus 5 it sometimes won’t come back to zero. Don’t know if this is a lack of patience on my part. I tend to close and restart if this happens and am careful not to go below minus 4. I haven’t checked to see if this is a possible problem with using Tomnod zoom along with Chrome zoom. For example not sure what would happen if Chrome was at 150% and then went to minus 4 with Tomnod.
Hope this helps. I will try to send a link if there are any more dropped tags or tiles.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Wilma Spinner (Wilms)


LOL, you’re brave! I tend not to go past -3 zoom, else the map just slows past the point of usability. If I do accidentally zoom past -3 (mouse wheel twitch!), I usually walk away (go make coffee or so something else for a while) it will come back, but I often don’t have the patience for that!


That can take a very loooooong wait, but it has always come back for me :slight_smile: Just depends on the size of the map, how much tagging you’ve done on that particular map and how many tiles you’ve opened. And when I say long I mean you can go off make yourself a cup of tea and maybe even put some washing on or wash up the breakfast dishes :smiley:

Oh also, numbers of volunteers on same campaign also influences speed as does time of day you log onto it. I’m in the UK and find it slows down during America’s peak times :wink:

If you zoom out to minus 4/5 in TN and zoom out to max ie 33% 25% the whole of the map will be opened up without the grid of greyed out tiles :slight_smile: This is useful if you want to work out what part of the country you are working on, by comparing it in google maps :wink: But you can’t see your position on the grid/map :confused:
Try it if you’ve got the time (to wait it out as loads) and inclination :smiley:


Those damn Yanks! Oh wait! I’m one of them! Question: If I nod on and off all day and all night long - and I’m not talking about taking cat naps like someone we know - does that make America’s peak times about 22 hours? Could I be the straw that broke the server’s back? :thinking::grinning:


:astonished: That’s it Jim you’re right; it’s all your fault…you darn Yank! :rofl:
Turn your computer off once in a while and give someone else a look-in will ya :sweat_smile: :wink: