H. Maria - Puerto Rico - 1mgjx1ay6


please, in the Puerto Rico campaign, some tiles in the NEWEST look good, no flood, but the OLDER ones are flooded like the one in the subject.
any ideas? I have seen several like that. Could that be a mistake ?
thank you


This is the island of Martinique, which did not receive the damage that other places did.


My guess is, it is not flooded, it just look brown because of dry grass.


I haven’t peeked at your example, but one other consideration is the shadow from thick clouds. The clouds could be several tiles away.

IMO, cloud-shadows are one of the weirdest phenomena to see on sat-images.


Hi Cecilia, I found nothing to tag in those the two little maps in your link when I did them. My guess is that, at the time of gathering the images, they were the clearest and possibly just skirting round the outer edge of the areas hit :confused:


Hi @Mel_Nod, just been chatting to Cecilia on FB over her concern with the oldest/newest images for Puerto Rico. Though I didn’t notice this issue before I got stuck, she has now got me wondering if the oldest/newest are set in reverse, is that why we are now stuck on those two small maps :thinking:



Never mind @Mel_Nod, now I’ve actually seen an example of what she’s referring to with this tile 1mgjx1ay6. It does appear to be as @claus described, dry grass plus farm ploughed fields. I was kinda hoping she’d found the solution there :disappointed:


Hi @EmeraldEyes, I think we FINALLY found a solution…posted in another thread: http://forum.tomnod.com/t/h-maria-i-aint-going-nowhere-but-where-ive-been/4858/90?u=mel_nod


Thanks Mel, only just logged back on tonight and saw your posts. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: things look promising judge by Claus’s post :grin: Off to check it out now :smile:

Well Waiting (4) once it’s done loading bored1



You can do it incognito,
or just wait a little,
im in waiting for the snail to become a gepard.


This is even with Incognito now Claus :laughing: but I’m in :grin:


You mean a Geo-pard? :leopard:


Yes, ok it became a running Horse, it will also do it.