H. Maria - Puerto Rico - in 1 day double the tagging?


hi !
I have no idea how to start a conversation or how to post NOT as a reply. My comment is I am surprised that yesterday we were around 25% and today with same amount (more or less) of taggers we are in 62% how can that be possible? or am I doing something not right?
I am just curious. thank you

H. Maria - 8 new PR maps

Methinks the glittery fairy princess has waved her magic wand and told the program to cough up all it’s totals and quit messing around and catch up.:dancing_women:


Hi Cecilia,

You posted as a new message just fine! On subject lines, we like to start with the campaign (I added that for you). And we put a message into a category (I put yours into Technical Issues New, in case Techs need to comment). @Mel_Nod is our go-to person who talks directly to our Tech guy, so she’ll respond.

Since there were prior issues with tags, it does sound like the server caught up on numbers. One thing to point out here is that DigitalGlobe’s computer for the Tomnod crowdsourcing platform always records what every Nodder does. So, even if I double tap (from a medical problem), then I delete one tag that shouldn’t be there, the computer has “seen” and “remembered” what I have done. Therefore, if it had any issues keeping up with everyone’s tagging and the overall “counts”, it likely just ‘added it all up’ and ‘spit it out’ now.

By the way, I think one thing common to all Nodders is our overall curiosity! Mel’s been doing great at keeping up with our “What’s this?” and “Why…” questions lately. :smile_cat:

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Hi, my guess is that @Mel_Nod update the data, when she can find the time to do it, they are not autoupdated. Also I guess there are only surprises on here :slight_smile:
Also the amount of taggers, Im sure, have gone from 49 to 160++, and still rising.


Hi Cecilia, Mel’s response in this post might help explain what has been going on lately with the maps lately. It’s all to do with the loading and tagging slowing down due to the amount of tagging we’ve been doing so TN have been removing the older completed maps in an attempt to speed things up again for us…and this all has a knock on effect with the counters and such.


Hey everybody. Wish I had an answer that generated more confidence, but basically, we think there is a bug in the stats bar that shows up on the homepage with active campaigns.

It is doing SOMETHING, but not exactly what we want it to do. The main change to this stat came when I pulled a bunch of the old maps and tried to prioritize only Puerto Rico.

Long story short, at this time those stats should not be considered the gospel of status on our projects, there is something buggy about them. Unfortunately. I wish we had a better quick-view way of seeing status without me pulling all the data.


thank you for your replies.