H. Maria - Puerto Rico - Please read


As I go across Row 1, top, I’m seeing very few tags placed despite that the island is extensively damaged. Neighborhoods were underwater. Even if a building has a roof, it does NOT mean it is not damaged.

Please don’t be discouraged. PR needs a thorough assessment from us, Tn Nodders. :smile:


It would be nice to drop a tag that covers a large area instead of single dwellings or am I missing something?


A single dwelling tag does not give dwelling-data they need.

I forget the campaign-- somewhere overseas-- We were tagging houses for a population study. I learned the following:

  • Scientists can estimate the number of people per house/dwelling/hut.
  • From Estimated Number of People Per House, they can estimate things for different countries like - How many malaria nets will the house/family need? How many people will need vaccines? How much food /water per house x how many houses…
  • They can plan… lots of planning. How much in supplies do they need to airlift to a cut-off area, based on Number of Houses with Estimated Number of People Per House.
  • They can post-plan… If Ave A and Sunnyside Street always flood, how can the wetlands people work with the sewer people to protect both interests.
  • Plus, plus, plus…

I’m no expert in all of this. I just remember the awe I felt that science-people actually do all this neat “stuff” with “data”. It’s exciting to realize how much stuff becomes data— even the ‘absent stuff’ – the areas we do not mark.

Ethiopia Population Mapping campaign?

it may take a while to see the input from people in Puerto Rico…80% are without power, even more without internet at this moment…i’m trying to see the where i am in the map once it finally loads so i can tag some things



My message here was not “to” the people of Puerto Rico. The message was to all of us, the Nodders doing the tagging. :smiley:


That be the Ethiopia Population Mapping campaign. :wink:

Ethiopia Population Mapping campaign?

I know :slight_smile: I was just commenting why the direct input of people that see the damage in Puerto Rico may not be able to tag anything here for a while. I am one of the “lucky” ones to get power back 6 days after the storm then lost it…then got it…who knows for how long. 80% of the island still has no power and more have no internet or phone.


You are lucky, especially to have Internet - intermittent as it may be, We have a close friend who has family in Arecibo Marisol and hasn’t had any contact with them since the hurricane. :anguished:


In this area the streets tell the story of a great flood. So on top of the horrific damage to the houses from wind they were also flooded. :frowning: the streets are brown from mud and full of water-carried-debris.


That’s down and around Dominica’s capital Roseau; you’ll see an awful lot of that over there, think they were hardest hit :frowning:


Lucky indeed. I hope you hear from your friend soon…She’s most likely in the 70% still without cell phone or internet service. UNtil 2 days ago all there was for communication was 1 radio station…no TV, no phone, no internet, nothing!


Yes it is possible to place many tags, between the clouds/fog, and move around on the map, as not logged in, for the time beeing.


That’s the map I was thinking of when referred to “cars looking like debris” in the other post :slight_smile:

And I’m still not even half way through that map yet :smirk: :persevere:


I had a chance to look extensively at the Puerto Rico images yesterday and found that id-ing damaged houses whether due to flood or wind, was very difficult because most of the newer map is obscured by either high cirrus or smoke, making the ground very hazy. Obvious cases of severely damaged roofs can be id’ed alright, but if a roof is intact, it seems to me only a debris field, callously labeled “junk pile,” gives a clue of the real damage. More could be done with cleaner images.


The tag is trash heap, not junk pile.

Tn cannot move the clouds. :wink:

Tn does re-shoot several times to get the best cloudless images possible. But they will never get pristine images every where, especially after a storm, because clouds always move around.


Hey, Cageycat, I suggested a reason why the IDs of flooded/damaged houses
were lower than desired, that you pointed out. Of course, one can only
do what
one can do, but that is true of the worker in the trenches as well as
TN. My eyes
are still recovering from hours of squinting.
“Trash heap” or “junk pile” — both seem a little coarse to me. Use
"debris field."
It’s a bit nicer, don’t you think?


Hi Gene, I don’t know if you’ve read this post (and another linked post within) from Mel_Nod Gene, but it may help explain things a little for you :wink:


Hi Emerald Eyes,
I didn’t but it doesn’t. The nadir angle is a little different in the
newer images compared with the older but the biggest
difference is in the increased scattering and absorption. Of course it
does not help that some of the older images are
also heavily clouded which make comparison impossible. So it goes …


Woops sorry Gene, what I should have typed is “I don’t know if you’ve read…” I haven’t actually got a crystal ball to know what you’ve read :crystal_ball: :wink: :rofl:


To be honest, Em does have a crystal ball… it’s just “cloudy.” :laughing: