H. Maria: Something white in water - with shadow


At the bottom of this map, I found something white - a double white blob - that is casting a shadow on the water below the object. I have no idea as to what it is. The object is located next to the right side tile border about 2/3 the way up the tile.


Looks like a channel marker. Possibly two tangled together. About five tiles above there is channel into a mechanized area and there are several similar round objects in a line leading into that area. Other options are a boat or floating debris. Other options are marine life such as whales though they occur later in the year.


Some time afterward I did see a lone, white circular object in the water a few tiles up (maybe 3 or 4?). There was another over to the right of the second one and one on the shore. I sort of knew that these were markers, but the first (double) one threw me off. I never thought of two of them getting tangled together. Duh! And I live on the bank of a river that has channel markers and every so often, one does get pulled from its mooring due to ice flows. Well kick me in the side of my head! :rofl:Oh, it must be everything going on around here has my brain in a fog! :roll_eyes: At one point I thought maybe a boat, but it looked like two round objects side-by-side. The next thought that popped into my head was maybe they were life rafts tied together. But I tossed that idea out as well. I guess I shouldn’t have jumped over to the Antarctica Seal campaign when I did. I must have stopped just below the channel you mention. (I started at the bottom of the map and I’m working my way up to the top.) Thanks, Wilms.


Another option could be a pinnacle of rock jutting out of water with breakers around it. There is a small peninsula a couple blocks up and to the right, it maybe connected to that land mass.


How about for fun we say it’s a whale! Or a giant squid surfacing.


Or two of @cageycat’s balls tied together. She’s always losing them and we find them in forests, on mountains, on the sand in the deserts and in the snow. So why not in the water? :grinning:


Took ya long enough. (lol)

Now, who will swim out there to get them for me? mew :crying_cat_face:


I’d send out Solo or Bella, but I don’t think they’d fork it over - especially to a CAT! :dog:


They haven’t met my cats!!!

I just realized that the white item is an iceberg that drifted over from the Weddell Seals campaign. Seals or No Seals???


But I’m a sweet talker… with treats!

Whistle (dogs drool)… Here doggy… (they really do)…


Shake a bag… cats come running. Rustle a plastic bag… Guinea Pigs whistle like crazy. How many animals have these idiosyncrasies? :laughing:
If we whistle, our dogs totally ignore us. Call them by their names and they respond. Guess they think the whistling is for the birds! :rofl: As for drooling, Bella drools in her sleep. Must be her age. :slightly_smiling_face: Solo only drools if he thinks he’s going to get one of those steaks we just took off the grill. Tell him it’s not for him and he walks away growling under his breath. (He talks back like that when we tell him to go in the other room when we’re having dinner. :grin:)