H. Maria - To tag or not to tag, that is the question


When you see an area like this where the majority of buildings have been hit and then there’s always that odd one that “looks” perfectly intact. Do you tag it ? :thinking:

I do! Besides, we’re only seeing the damage from up above/on the roof, so to speak, nothing of what’s happened below the roof. My way of thinking is that even if by some minor miracle it got off absolutely damage free, the scene of carnage surrounding it just tells me it’s still a candidate for relief aid. Because chances are, even though they may still have a roof over their head, judging by the carnage surrounding them, that’s all they have. Chances are any one of their gas, water, electricity or sewage is cut off. And they can’t exactly nip down to their local grocery store for fresh supplies/bottled water; that’s if the store is even there any more.

So I say YES, do tag that building still intact! Don’t leave that house with only 3 tags go thirsty nor the relief aid arrive in the area with not enough supplies to go round because of it. :wink:


Absolutely right on!


I do as well because when I see a house next door completely demolished, more likely than not, windows are blown in on the “okay” house, rain was driven in (soaking carpeting/floors/floor joists, furniture, etc.). There may also be damaged outer walls from debris being driven into/against it at hurricane force. It may even have been flooded. So many possibilities in these situations.


The other thing… If wind was so severe to sandblast the grass down to nubs and strip foliage from trees, then the houses got sandblasted, too.


True… true! :thinking:


And yet I’ve tagged houses with a consensus of 20+ all round a house looking untouched with only 3 tags :confused:
Guess those tags could be either of you two :wink: or someone of the same mind set :grin:


Yepper! You all are right on!
I am so slow these last 2 campaigns, because of my eyes, but the new lenses for my specs have helped, plus eye drops plus a new mask type for my CPAP(old one was drying my eyes out), plus having had the laser glaucoma surgery has all helped clear up the fog alot. There have been several really blurry maps, especially on the Maria campaign, which I have left to you all to get done, as I can’t see next to nothing on them.


You can relax Beverly, I think many of us struggle with those blurry ones…it’s not all the fault with your vision :wink:


It your eyes, Bev… It’s your eyes! :rofl: (Just kidding!)


you are a hellofalot of help!


Well, it take you 4 days to see my post! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: