H. Maria - Two nice to the eye islands


They are not perfect but close to that.and tiny.
So small I was not able to identify them. Anyone?


It look like there’s 8 of those little map pieces, I see I’ve completed two of them.

It’s actually the left side of Guadeloupe, and looking at the overall map there was a heck of a lot of cloud cover. Looks like TN has cropped out the most visible bits :slight_smile:


Looks like that one on the left has been cropped in honour of @cageycat :smile:


:cat2: :smile: indeed. waiting for the :fish: on the right


This looks like a kitty in a dress sitting and staring off to the right (her left) as she is being watched by someone in the bushes to the left (her right). Is she related to @cageycat? :thinking::laughing: (This is zoomed in to +3) And there is a white bird sitting on her hat.


Oh that’s “My Pretty Kitty” ™. Sort of like My Little Pony, except Kiitty is real / alive. She’s perched on a stump because she’s on a “Pretty Kitty” photo shoot. The washed out robin bird was attached to kitty’s head / hat – which made for some crazy teetering-twittering photos! The giant rat straight ahead was too weird for both.