Hearts - Noon US Eastern Time on 10th to Noon US Eastern Time on 17th


For a week, spread your hearts around!

Start: - Noon US Eastern Time on 10th

End - Noon US Eastern Time on 17th

Who can share the most hearts? :heart_eyes:

Come one come all, for a little Love. And maybe you’ll get another badge that you have been yearning to earn.

Other prizes: Feeling GOOD & Making others feel GREAT.

Posts - any, new, old

Restrictions - You cannot heart what you already loved before.


What? No food? :astonished:


Post hearts, THEN you get a picnic. :smiley:

I’m out of hearts for today.


Yeah, I noticed! When I signed back in after falling asleep around 9 PM last night and waking up at 6:23 AM this morning, I was greeted with 44 notifications! Not all from you - but most of them! :laughing:


image How about an ice cream penguin Jim :yum:


:yum: :heart_eyes: :yum: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :yum:
Sounds good to me! :laughing: Now I think I’m going to have some vanilla ice cream with caramel topping, some real whipped cream and a cherry - no, make that 3 cherries on top. :yum: :rofl:


Yes, sounds good, but I’d prefer banana slices. :icecream:


Ah come on, folks. Heart it up!


:nerd_face: did I win?———————-