Help - Staying 'On Topic'


Folks, we get off topic a lot around here. Normally, I just go around splitting topics. But if I don’t catch the very first mention of a new topic in an unrelated thread, doing anything can make a really big mess of things. Like, moving the posts in the wrong order can mean someone who posted 4 days ago looks like they just posted… :frowning:

You can help AKE and me if you try to stay close to the original topic in a thread. If it doesn’t fit there, you can just make a new topic.

Try to keep ALL extraneous chatting out of Tech Support threads. Techs like clean reports so they aren’t made to wade through our chatting.



Yes, Ma’am! Guilty as charged! :innocent::roll_eyes::grin:


Yup, me also… :innocent::innocent::raising_hand_woman:


I thought about saying (to Cagey), “Well, I never!” But then I remembered moderators can also moderate the members - I was afraid of what she may make me become - a “moderated” voice instead of my wacky, zany self. :sweat_smile: So I just swallowed my pride and bit my clicking finger. :grin:


Please no! :scream: It just wouldn’t be the same… :rofl::upside_down_face:


:raising_hand_woman: Guilty as charged embarrassed3
Sorry @cageycat, @AKE235 angel_saintly


Bumping this topic back to the top.

AKE :man_judge: Cagey :woman_judge:

Cat Judge :smirk_cat:

Thank mews.