Here we go again with Ethiopia slow changes


Ethiopia image changes are averaging 15 seconds. A few 5 second. A few 45 second. But mostly 15-ish. Same machine was just doing Libya with 1/2 second changes. Nothing changed at all. Even the complicated Ecuador images (with hundreds of houses visible in frame) were changing in 5 or less seconds.

But, to be a good boy, I shut down everything in the background, rebooted (cold), cleared the cash, brought Ethiopia up, clean … and … no change.

Any ideas?


And here was me just thinking how fast it was being this evening! :astonished:
It must be my turn to be connected to the “superfast” string to the internet tonight… :wink:
Sorry, didn’t mean to “rub it in”, just wanted to illustrate that the TomNod server seems to be quite speedy tonight… might be something closer to your end of the internet?


Just checked my connection speed. We’re actually on the high side right now for this country (Costa Rica). There has to be something else going on because the image change speed comes and goes and changes radically from project to project. Like I noted above, it was moving right along on Libya and then a minute later, when I switched to Ethiopia, it’s slow. I don’t get it.

Update: Go to lunch, leaving the machine running and hooked to Tomnod. Come back and the changes are now 2-5 seconds. What?!?


Funnily enough, after my reply to you I checked the Ecuador and California campaigns as comparison - both were running a bit on the slow side, but now seem to be back up to a reasonable speed! (I’m sure the California campaign is slow for me due to the higher stats I’ve racked up - I had been logging out to tag in that campaign for a while!)
Definitely sounds like there is something strange going on, but possibly nothing of Tomnod’s doing…


Hi @HappyMapper,
Just wanted to mention that the Ethiopian campaign is really slow today. Refreshing and clearing cache doesn’t speed up things. I tagged about 30k poly’s, don’t know if that’s the reason…

Can you look into it? Thanks! :+1:


Yeah, just came online to check and it is noticeably slower than yesterday. A whole bunch of users due to the news?


Warp speed at the moment!