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So how do you deal with all those maps when you get turned upside down?


I used to go outside, look up at the clouds and wonder, “will they be gone by the time the next meteor shower comes by?” Now I’m wondering if they’ll be gone for the total eclipse of the sun next month! :roll_eyes::sunglasses:


Ooops, wrong eclipse!


For all countries…

Whoo hoo !



Thanks… I will get it at 11:30 @ about 8.8 magnitude… your map gives PDT but that is not right for me…
I live where the 10:30 PDT line crosses the US / Canada border… but the East Kootenay region is in MDT.
Actually about half way from the green line and AB border just a bit north of the US border. Not that that is important.


I look forward to reading everyone’s first hand sights and reflections about what you saw!


Well… the sun eclipse came and went… I was out for coffee with friends and started out watching as the restaurant started with early coverage on CBC but it was using a camera feed from Madras in the US.
Still that is fairly close and was only a few minutes ahead of what could be seen out the window.
After coffee I had time to walk back home and get my welding #14 goggles out.

I can say that at 87% of total it is still quite bright. I was amazed at how different it was from some I’ve seen in the past… I’m thinking that it might be the fact that where I lived was much closer to sea level. Here is almost 3000 ft higher. Even with wildfire smoke we have much less air pollution than in the big city.

Also interesting was seeing people stepping outside with all sorts of devices to watch… most were a bit disappointed mostly due to using small boxes for pinhole cameras… you have to allow distance for the image to expand a bit. also using ‘fuzzy’ paper doesn’t help, a clean pinhole gives a crisper image… a white screen paper in a really dark box helps too. The one lady I chatted with had an eight inch granola box… that is 8 long… she had used a piece of aluminum foil for the pin hole, but it was all wrinkled up… so she had a very tiny, very fuzzy image… but she could see it. to late for this time though.

Anyway, I got home in time to connect to my apartment cable modem… mine that is… and sit with some of the other residents watching totality from NASA using several feeds including that Madras one.

Spent the rest of my morning / afternoon watching the CBS network online til things moved past the east coast. Could not get a personal photo from here since I could not find my BIG sheet of #14… hopefully still in a box somewhere here… to bright NOT to use that in front of the camera.



Our morning started out sunny & clear. By early afternoon clouds moved in and it was almost completely overcast! Arrrgh! Eclipse time came and I went out with my camera. During the peak I did manage to get a couple photos of it through a small pin hole in the clouds. Slightly disappointed, but the sun and moon were clearly visible. And wouldn’t you guess? An hour later and not a solitary cloud in sight! And aside from a few clouds for a couple of hours tomorrow, it’s supposed to be sunny and clear until the 30th when a FEW clouds are to show up again!
For the Pleiades meteor shower it was the same thing - cloudy nights for the peak nights - 8 years in a row!
(I must have been a naughty when I was a little younger and this is my punishment?)