How to use discobot - learning tool


@discobot start new user


@discobot start advanced user


Okay, I found what controls the tutorial.

Members can read about discobot here:

When it works, the instruction to use (one at a time) is:

@discobot start new user

@discobot start advanced user

See later post for instructions.


Well now that you’ve told us how to do it, it has worked for me with both the new user and advanced and I’ve completed both and got 2 more badges to my name :grin: But I did run them by creating a “New Message” . So now I’m a fully licensed nodder :rofl:

Cagey did you try starting it by creating a post in Resources? Maybe that’s why it didn’t work :thinking:


I don’t know why it works for some and not for others. I tried it in posts and in PMs.


So didn’t it work for you?


You create a new PM and in the text box just enter this :- @discobot start new user … and click reply just like I’ve done. Here’s mine with the bots first response:


And here’s what you get at the end of it :slight_smile:


Oops it’s startet all over again, the bot wants to run the new user tutorial again because I quoted that phrase above that I dare not repeat again incase it tries to run it again…and again…and again :rofl:


Got it Em.

Okay folks… Like Em said

One click your picture icon.
Click the Envelope for a Private Message. (PM)
Click the New Message rectangle (blue).
Top Line – type in the @ (no spaces) discobot name(several letters will show you the drop down menu)
Next line type discobot (and anything else to get 20 characters).

In the message box, type
@ (no spaces)discobot new user

Wait for the bot to answer (you will have a green reply notice on your avitar).

DO exactly what the bot says to do. Must do it exactly.

Nothing bad will happen. After a bunch of his replies, you will get “Certified”.

For Advanced. Open a NEW PM. Repeat the steps, except type the message for Advanced User.


It didn’t work in my first PM because I included Shaul. So hint: only send it to the bot, folks.


Ah right, that explains things :smiley:

I don’t know if you did the advanced one yet cagey, but when I did it I couldn’t do the undelete for some reason. Don’t know whether it just wasn’t working or I was doing it wrong or what, so I had to skip that bit; it seemed like a simple enough task at the time :smile:

But hey, it seems that’s way with this discobot tutorial anyway, I mean, it’s taken you and us regulars, an advanced bunch of nodders already, to figure it out :laughing: Seems to me newbies, in fact, all of us, need a map and maybe a tutorial to get the tutorial started :dizzy_face:

Heck, we need a sign so we know it even exists…oh wait there was a sign…and I still didn’t get it :sweat_smile: …that was the first I’d ever heard of discobot, I thought I was missing a joke.

Of course, maybe if I’d checked out that badge there might have been an explanation of how you gain this badge and get started, but I’ll never know now as I’ve completed them :upside_down_face: Sometimes it’s just quicker to dive in feet first; half the badges I have, were gained purely by chance :rofl:


Yeah, I’m stuck at the “undelete” step, too. :thinking:

And the newbie tutorial didn’t start at all for me… :cry:


In the reply box just key in “skip” that moves you on to the next step.

How did start the newbie tutorial, maybe you could try again once you’ve completed this one Shaul :slight_smile:


Come on Shaul, don’t give up, there’s only cagey and I with this badge, we need you :blush: :grin:


Done! :man_cartwheeling:

(It has been a long time since I tried to cartwheel; it’s fun!)


Now I’m both “Certified” and “Licensed”! :sunglasses:


Kewl ! I could not undelete in the tutorial either. I gave discobot an earful – no, I didn’t. Like Em said, I used the word skip on that one. Seems the bot doesn’t mind cheating LOL.


Yaaay, now we just need a few more to join the gang…come on guys…get certified :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


thank you all! I did it!! :rofl: