Humor - Any ideas how to fix this?



What is there to fix? I see faucets for hot and cold water, whiskey, seltzer water, lemon-lime soda, ginger ale, pilsner beer, lager, ale, and one for whipped creme. And you don’t have to worry much about spills with that great big sink. :rofl:

Kind of looks like a plumber was bored silly or he was bothered by indecision. I hope this wasn’t in his own house. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Fine on the faucets and spouts… BUT That is a heck of a spot to put the Flush valve for the toilet… Upper right til I circle it… has white horizontal lever… actually I’m not sure if it is for a toilet or urinal, they are similar…


I’m reminded of what I use as a sort of faux motto"

I’m either indecisive or apathetic, I can’t decide which and frankly don’t give a darn.

Maybe the creator uses that handle when when they need to feel ‘flushed with success’?

Edited to fix image… and that’s it… I’m tapped out now!


Well, I see a shut off valve? or an old water on/off (minus faucet) on the skinny front facing wall… maybe that will turn on/off the water intake pipe to stop flushing the toilet?

Actually, I saw a mess like that… in my basement when I first rented here. I had to go round with tags and wire to mark what was a hot or cold water— or a gas pipe shut off. Idiots mixed blues and reds for water and put those on the gasline for the hot water tank. BTW, none of the water shut offs work. hehehehe April Fools I guess?


:laughing: That’s how it was when we first bought this house 40 years ago. When I went to change some washers and tried to shut off the main water supply, I found that the washer in the main shut off was deteriorated and half of it was gone! I had to borrow a stand pipe wrench from the Village Water Department to shut it off outside, replaced the entire main shut off valve, then went about replacing all the washers in the house. I returned the stand pipe wrench along with a large tray of coffee and donuts for the guys. They saved me a lot of aggravation by letting me borrow their wrench. :wink:


Looks like someone was inspired by a visit to the Winchester Mystery House!



The Widow Winchester and her house always makes me sad. She lived a frightened, guilt-ridden life, and made all sorts of dead-end passageways to supposedly fool ghosts she felt were after her. Very sad life.

Another lighter house was featured on Norman Reedus’ Ride show. The owner made the Nitt Witt house from junk and toilets.



So would you want to visit the Winchester House? or the Nitt Witt House?


Not after having a night out with the boys! I’d probably open a door and step out into nothing! :laughing:


I think that would probably play havoc just with my vertigo confused2


And this:


But you could land on a toilet at Nitt Witt.


Which would likely be connected to that flush handle in the first image… where ever that was… but you would have to figure out which cutoff valve to use to get the water on… and which to use to send it through the valve to the toilet… at …

I’m going to reconsider the repair… naw… A really big hammer will do all of it!:hammer: