Hurricane Harvey Campaign- Slow Release


Dear nodders!
You may have seen in our other thread that the Hurricane Harvey tagging campaign is live on the tomnod homepage:

Before posting this campaign broadly on social media, we would love a few of you to go in and report on your user experience, especially around the pace of the imagery loading. We want to know if it is still too slow for broad release.

Thank YOU for your help with this contribution to relief efforts!


Everything works fine in my end now.
No problem.


Thank you for trying it out, @claus!


We’ve been monitoring the campaign metrics and it looks like this is ready to go! I’m going to broadly advertise.


I don’t seem to be able to switch between before and after images. I have tried the Q & W keys, but I think I’m only seeing after. It makes it hard to decide damaged areas.


@Mel_Nod I have the same issue that Howard describes. What appears to load is the entire pre-event map with no tiles per say. The Q and W toggle switch is not present. This occurs if signed-in. Now, Sign-off then pre-event map with individual tiles appear With the Q and W toggle.


@AKE235 @Howard Have you tried restarting your browser? Or clearing the cache? Or trying a different browser?
Claus had reported the same in this topic ( and it’s now working for him
(Not sure which he did!)

I’m signed in OK, and have full Q/W functions


Yep, I logged off, and logged back in. I now have the Q&W toggles working.


For MH370 there was a map that let you know exactly where you are. Is that gone? I’m not seeing any damage on any of the images I’ve looked at so far


Yeah, several times. Still get same results.


If Q and W is missing,
just try reload the page,
it have worked ok for me 2 times now :slight_smile:


Yes, the overview map that used to be there is now gone. You can zoom out to see roughly where you are - -3 zoom works best for me, more than that and my computer chokes!


Complete computer restart?
Or one of these handy tools if all else fails? :hammer::hammer_and_pick::hammer_and_wrench: :wink:

Try here on the map - it’s working with Q & W for me here


Well, I guess I could shutdown and go get a couple of six-packs (soda and tomato juice) No Alcohol*




Thanks all for troubleshooting and reporting issues. Our imagery is caching now and it should be getting faster and faster (and easier to see before/after). Sorry @AKE235 that this problem is persisting for you.

@Christine1 thanks for the idea about the reference map - I will look into what this takes.


AKE just use one of Claus’s links, that’s what I did and it worked. That’s what I’ve been having to do for a long time now with campaigns. It never seems to get fixed so I’ve just stopped reporting it :confused:


Mel, as Helen said we used to have the reference down in the bottom right corner of the screen, but it was taking up a lot of the actual search screen (personally I’d rather not have it back). It is just as easy to zoom out to get an idea of where you were up to…well unless you have a slow machine or as you accumulate more tags and open more tiles :wink: Also another useful trick most of the regulars like is zooming out to -5 the zoom out your browser to say 50% or more and it will reveal the whole map.


Like Em I’d also rather not have the additional map back, it did take up far too much screen real-estate! (I have a large high-res monitor for CAD work, and it still took up too much space…)
If it is brought back, could we please have the option to turn it off?! :pray:


Hahah well if it’s better without the reference map I will leave it! Plenty of other things to work on! :grimacing:

Thanks all, keep the comments coming if you have them.