Hurricane Harvey - Cloud base and large areas of flooding


All seems to be working well here, but I’m amazed by the number of tiles which are completely obscured by cloud. I’ve done 160 tiles so far and something like 90% are obscured so far. I’ve jumped around to different areas and all I seem to get is cloud.

Surely there is a mechanism where Tomnod can block out clouded tiles so we’re not wasting our time with them.


Hurricane Harvey Campaign- Slow Release

Hi @Xochitl, In the mean time, maybe try doing what I had to do and go in through a link in here such as this one I’m currently on
There is an awful lot of cloud cover to get around so if you need to know a way around it you could try my suggestion from in here


Best thing to do is zoom out both the TN map and your browser, this will reveal the whole map so you can go straight to any gaps in the cloud. Just click on an area you spot and the TN screen will automatically zoom back in to 0 but you have to zoom your browser back in yourself :wink:


Yes. White Top pic.

And bottom pic.


Right now its grossly slow… cloud cover for bscuring major portion of image…


Try this


Hi @roye Yes, unfortunately that can be an unavoidable drawback considering their current weather :confused:
If it’s too slow for zooming in and out I would also suggest you click on Claus’s link for one of the clearer maps.
I’m managing fine with the cloud covered one at the moment so I think I’ll persevere as there does appear to be damaged properties within some of the breaks in the cloud :frowning:


Hi @greg1

It would take many hours and manpower for DG staff to sort and cut out clouds. Plus, it would leave holes in the image flow, so Nodders would more easily get confused by tiles in black.

When Nodders are eager to get into a campaign, and get upset seeing black tiles (so we can’t tell the map edging versus the map), we’ll have to then contend with the clouds.


Yes flooded areas between the clouds.


Was it just me or did anyone else think it was broken when all you saw was white. Took me a few minutes to zoom out and realize there is massive cloud coverage. Please say it wasn’t just me:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Working good for me although I feel like I’ve covered most of the area not hidden by the cloud cover. Then when I click to take me to a priority area I pretty much end up on the same map.

I just feel bad that I can’t tag anything under the clouds!


Okay, we won’t. :grinning: Hey, things happen to all of us like that. As for myself, in the Weddell Seal campaign, when a new map tile came up I sat there staring at a strange arrow in the snow - wondering where that came from… what it was for. After about 20 seconds I realized it was my mouse cursor! :rofl: That’s when I decided my eyes and brain were too white washed from the snow and ice and called it a night. :roll_eyes:


Is that a leftover from seal hunting…

On a serious note… I am using firefox as a browser under W10… what I get so far is a note line up top that keeps saying that a web page is slowing my computer… anyone know what that might be… I’m only running the browser and some start up things I’m not sure where they are or what they do… but it comes and goes… on the seals it never did it… the sailboat search it happened sometimes… I suspect it is a local problem but I don’t have a clue what it is…
So far I have clouds and a few thin patches of green… the OLD view shows farmland… but works.
On a want list, I’d like to be able to search around at +1 zoom without popping down to 0 zoom. I can see things fine there, if white… I can zoom manually if a bit slow. As for all the way out… all I see is empty squares… maybe they would fill in if I left it on for a few hours…


Yes it was… er… is. Just happened a couple of nights ago.
I am using Firefox as well. I’ve never had that message before, but what I do get now is unrelated to web pages loading. After one of Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates, my download app (S3 Download Manager) has problems each time I open Firefox. I receive several messages regarding certain lines of Java Script code that have either stopped working or (most likely) are taking too long to run so Firefox thinks they’ve stalled. On 3 of these messages I click continue and they’ll finish running within a second. But for 2 lines of code in particular, I have to click “stop code from running” or Firefox never finishes loading my start page. I’ve also lost my right-click menu on the download manager’s icon.
In your case it sounds like it could be that all the data that Tomnod (and the data from CloudFront) is a lot and/or is being sent slowly. It could be using up a lot of RAM. Or it could be that some RAM that was used by whatever previous applications/programs you may have used was never freed up by Windows after the application/program exited. (It should do this within about 20 seconds, but sometimes it just doesn’t work the way it was designed.)
You could check within Firefox to see how large your cache is and if it seems too small, increase the size. Firefox shows you how much is currently being used as well as the size. You can also try clearing the cache. Too often data no longer needed is taking up a good chunk of the cache. Hope you can find out what the exact cause of your problem is, Doug.


Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Thanks CageyCat. …


Had a really good session last night, added about 200 tags across nearly 2k tiles before calling it a night and going to bed. Thought I’d carry on today but I’m in a clearly unaffected/undamaged area, yet every time I press to take me to a new priority area, it just moves me to a different point on the same main map (if I go to -5 I can see the area I’ve recently scanned). I haven’t added a single tag yet.

I also agree with others that an overall map would be useful (but toggle for those that don’t want it), mainly for the reason above, as I found an airport and was able to identify it as George Bush Intercontinental which from what I can tell, wasn’t in a primary location? Happy to be correct on that though, if needed!

Some method of marking tiles which are covered with cloud cover might be useful as well. There were large sections in my good run last night which I couldn’t survey, but may contain damaged buildings.



Another thought I’ve had, is there any quick way to change which tag you are working with? Working in quite a heavy hit area (claus’ link above) with damaged/flooded buildings, but also roads. I’m already using q&w quite heavily, and would therefore suggest 1,2,3,4 keys for the different tags?

I still think being able to mark a tile as requiring a new image, due to cloud cover, would be beneficial for this campaign. Otherwise it may fall through the cracks of just being a tile with no tags, therefore no issues.


Plane, bottom


If there was a way that we could mark large areas of destruction that would be helpful. Flooding isn’t contained to a small block in the more urban areas it seems to go on for many miles