Hurricane Harvey - Jump to Priority Area Not Working


Every time I hit the “Jump to priority area” button, it takes me to a part of the map that I’ve already covered. It’s a different tile each time, but it should take me to an area I’ve not explored yet (and there are plenty of those!)


Just tried it 2 times, first time it sent me to a not yet explored tile on the same map, second try, it sent me to a not yet explored tile, on the cloud map :slight_smile: soo what to prefer? :slight_smile:


Thanks Claus, it did finally work for me (after about 15 attempts), but sent me to a clouded area. I reloaded the campaign from the home page and eventually got an unexplored cloud-free area.
It’s starting to run very slow now though, I guess I’ve placed a lot of tags and covered a lot of tiles. :neutral_face:


The date down below is always a good indicator Helen. I’ve just click the priority button about 10 times and it tends to switch between 08/29/2017 and 08/31/2017 with tiles quite far apart, so does appear to be working ok for me too :confused:


It’s probably just me then! I’ve maybe confused the server with over 14k tiles done, it probably doesn’t quite know where to send me next…:wink:


I’ve been away the weekend so have only 1.5k so I’ve loads of unexplored area to go through; can hopefully catch up this week now :slight_smile:


Just as long as it doesn’t send you down to Antarctica! :rofl:


Hope you had a good weekend! :smiley:
You can probably tell from my tile count that I’ve not been far outside the house… :wink: I’m still very much on “light duties only” at the moment! Can’t yet do most of what I want to do, so I’ve been sat at the computer for far too long instead! :rofl:


LOL, not yet, anyway… It can send me back to Antarctica once the Harvey campaign is over.


Here’s an interesting discovery/theory, not really a technical issue though.

When I logged on to the campaign earlier this evening, it opened up on an area I too have already searched, but, there was nothing for me to tag there! Now, like the “Jump to…” button, when the campaign opens up it will always open to a priority /unexplored area.

Wondering why it brought me back to that area, I got the idea that maybe some people have been dropping tags there and because I’ve not dropped any in that area, the programme considers it to be a priority. So I’ve dropped one of each tag type around the area and these are the consensus it came back for each tag:-

Blocked Bridge = 1
Flooded / Damaged Building = 3
Flooded / Blocked Road = 1
Trash Heap = 4

Flooded / Damaged Building - I thought this tag was for Buildings that were either flooded or damaged and not for say flooded fields or remote wide open spaces where there’s no roads/bridges/buildings affected :confused:

Flooded / Blocked Road - Now I thought this tag was for Roads which were either flooded or blocked :confused:

I know I’ve been doing these campaigns for a number of years now, but have been miss understanding those two tags? :confused:


The way priority works is:

  • Tn has not yet seen x10 on tags on a tile.
  • You personally did not drop any tags there or never been there.
    (seems a 3rd that I can’t remember tonight)

Priority has nothing to do with Tn determining one tile has any more importance than another area, except, is there x10 consensus and has everyone had a chance to visit the tile.

If you think a tile still should not have any tags, skip it.


I cleared those rows of tiles the day the campaign started. Like you, I like to start at an edge and work my way methodically along, so yes, I’ve visited those tiles and no, I didn’t see any reason to drop any tags there.

When working on a map, that I’ve not yet completed, I’ve never noticed it in the past taking me back to already explored tiles like that, when there are still so many unexplored.

So, going back to @Helen’s original quandary…

… I’m wondering, if it’s because other people have come along since I was there and dropped tags, so now the TN software wants me to go back to re-examine my decision.

I still can’t see anything worth tagging on those tiles and those I dropped to test this I’ve since deleted.

Now going back to @Oli’s similar quandary in another post

Another reason why you will be seeing incorrect tags;…

…that will be because some people will be dragging the map around the screen with their mouse, whilst still having the last tag they used switched on and will inadvertently drop a tag when they release the mouse button! I only know this because I did it myself, when I first started here on a much older campaign, not realising that I was accidentally dropping tags in the process. When I did realise what I’d been doing, I did manage to go back and delete them because on that particular campaign they were blatantly obvious and I’ve since then learnt my lesson :blush: And remember, a tag doesn’t have to be dropped in the exact same spot for it to be included in the consensus, it’s within a certain radius and the size of that is depending on which tag was used.

There is a delay with that sort of thing I believe, whilst the servers do their recalulations. So if you’re testing your theories with tags, dropping and deleting various ones repeatedly, it will take time for the servers to catch up. You’d be best going away and doing something elsewhere then coming back to it later.
(I remember on past poly drawing campaigns, when you deleted a poly it didn’t disappear immediately, it might have changed colour, I can’t remember now, but it would eventually go)


Ok, don’t ask me how I did it, but I’ve somehow managed to reply to myself with a complete copy of my previous reply above :laughing: :blush: Don’t know how to delete it so just ignore :wink:


I must admit I thought that the way it worked was that:

the server hadn’t seen x10 independent visitors see that tile
you personally hadn’t seen that tile before.

Regardless of whether any tiles where dropped or not.

Except when the server has “burped” which it does now and again, that’s always the way I’ve observed it working…
Otherwise, wouldn’t we all be randomly dropped into the cloudy areas, where no tags have been placed? :confused:


Drat, I was going to ask JUST that… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Grrr, it’s stopped playing ball again. Keeps dropping me back to an un-flooded area of grass which I have seen before. So definitely not a case of revisiting because others thought it needed tagging (at least I hope not!)


Aaand I take it you’ve done all the usual fix-it’s Helen :wink:

You sure you haven’t just completed ALL the maps :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Maybe it’s that sliver of tile right on the very edge of the map and going into the black that it’s taken you to/want’s you to examine :smirk: That’s the other thing it’s likes to do to cause confusion I’ve noticed :roll_eyes: (Like the tiny corners on a cropped out map such as some of those on the last Weddell campaign :sweat_smile: ) I tend to zoom out to make sure I’ve got all those slivers of tile to avoid the Jump to taking me back to them…because then the tile has been opened and you’re left baffled as to why it has brought you there confused2


Of course! :laughing:

LOL, not that I’m aware of!

Nope, even tried that. I too try to cover all of the “slivers” when I hit the edge of a map, just to make sure that they get “seen”.

I’ve just put it down to the server being awkward. I eventually bit the bullet and zoomed out to -5 (slooooooow) to find an area of the map that I’d not covered before…


Hi @Helen,
I’m not positive that this is your and other’s browser issues, but basically this Harvey imagery has been completely tagged from tomnod’s analytics perspective. It is basically “full.”

We’ve posted the raw data, if you’re interested, to

We are looking for new imagery that would help recovery efforts, and looking towards Irma. Perhaps take a look at some seals in the meantime! Thank you all for your help on this campaign!


Thanks Mel, that confirms what I’d been thinking - I figured it must have been covered by now.

Ready and waiting for either new imagery or an Irma campaign…

I was already back to looking out for the seals in the mean time! :smiley: Back looking for ice letters for @Jim7:wink: