Hurricane Irma Cat 5


I’m assuming there will likely be a similar campaign to Hurricane Harvey for Hurricane Irma which has reportedly caused major flooding and damage on Caribbean Islands? (Once cloud free imagery is available, obviously).

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post this, but it seemed the most relevant, and didn’t fit into the linked post at the top re: specifically requesting a campaign.

Suggest a new Tomnod Campaign

And again - possibly - for Hurricane Jose (currently Cat-1) which is trailing Irma? My wife just told them there’s another storm forming behind that one as well! I haven’t had time to check that out yet - or even if the NOAA and the National Weather Service (USA) is even bothering with it yet (other than keeping a glancing eye toward it). And Hurricane Katia (currently Cat-1) in the Gulf of Mexico (just off Mexican coast) that is just barely moving along at 3 mph/4,8 kmph. This is going to be one heck of a hurricane season!


True, it is going to be such a terrible hurricane season. NOAA has updated their webpage, monitoring all three of them.


Last night I had 3 tabs open - one for each hurricane. At 11:00 PM last night Katia and Jose were both Cat-1 hurricanes. This morning their map showing the path of Jose shows it growing from a hurricane to a major hurricane (Cat-4 or -5), then losing strength again. At least that one is expected to turn north - missing the islands and Florida. But again, that is only their prediction.
We’re keeping a watch on Irma because my wife and I both have family down there - Vero (Vero Beach), Daytona and Jupiter Island. :pensive:

EDIT: I forgot about my nephew - my 2nd oldest sister’s son and my godson -and his wife. They live on Singer Island and decided to ride the storm out. There are but 2 bridges that connect the island with the mainland. I think he’s nuts not to get off the island, but his house is concrete reinforced against such as what nature can throw at them - supposedly. But what about storm surges?


Hi Tomnodders - yes, pending cloud-free imagery, we are planning an Irma campaign. Please stay tuned!


Please hurry…


:cat: : :Cat, puffing to blow clouds away:: ::Running up the clouds to turn WV3’s eye:: Come on, this way please. :crying_cat_face:


The NY Times has an interesting - and scary - animated satellite map (visual spectrum) of Hurricanes Irma and Jose traveling through the Caribbean. It is down near the bottom of the article, past the static GIFs.
It’s like Jose (currently a Cat-4) is being dragged along behind Irma (now a Cat-4). Talk about a "double whammy!"


My disabled eldest sister is in Jacksonville, across the bridge in a low lying area. Her apt is first floor, which floods. She’s wheelchair and bedbound. Last evacuation, she was left sitting in her w/c for over 50 hours straight. Hard for MS pts to move by themselves onto army cots that can flip over, and impossible for disabled pts to get down on the floor of a shelter. Hope her Navy son is in port to help get her out of state… but he’s often on ship and deployed out of harm’s way.


Just received word from a friend of ours who owns a horse stable here in town (upstate New York) that he just left Florida with a large horse trailer - full of horses. People had called him to come down to get their horses and care for them up here until such time as they’ll be able to return and rebuild their own stables. Makes one wonder about all the rest of the animals. What do they do? How many will perish? :hushed:


news earlier - They are worried about the zoo (the one with all the pelicans).

Funny, seeing people go to shelters on TV, I have not seen 1 dog, cat, bird cage, even a gerbil or rat cage…

Airlines took their planes and refuse to return. People, many vacationers, have no way out. I think the US Gov’t should ORDER airlines to come back and fly people out to several main airports in the north (Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New York) where they can at least get flights to final destinations. ironically, airports announced that stranded travelers cannot stay in the airports because it is not safe. My friend Janet’s flight was tomorrow— she was on a trip near Orlando. She can’t get out. No rentals; no gas.


Barbuda - 95% destroyed

One of the St. (islands; didn’t catch the name) - 2/3rds destroyed

Puerto Rico - hundreds of thousands will be without power for MONTHS! (The news first said Cuba, but Irma wasn’t there yet.)

Second time Irma has made tears flow. First cry was about the 2 yr old who was killed. :crying_cat_face:


They try to have a lot of current information regarding these storms at :neutral_face:



I realize that DigitalGlobe absorbs the costs when it offers humanitarian campaigns. Costs include paying WV3 or 4’s “wages”, satellite prep (turning on the “electricity” and waking it up LOL), server time for communicating up/down, supervising the scanning then downloading the images, salaries for DG staff to check, prepare, and seam the strips then getting it all loaded for us… and analysts to check our data and prepare it for ground authorities. Many newer nodders don’t realize how much time and resources that DG gives to these campaigns, without any remuneration, as a collaborative effort with local authorities in SAR and Recovery projects.

That said and with all respect to the above facts, I’m sure Nodders would be eager to jump into any workable images DG has been able to get in any of the affected areas, including continuing in Texas.

Ready, set…


Not to mention the tens of millions of dollars (USD) for the satellites and for their rides to their locations above. As in any business, those monies had/have to be recouped as well. Quite an expensive thing, putting up and maintaining these eyes in the skies.


That was St Maarten :cry:


Cat 1 hits Mexico

Quoted: “We are all collapsed, our homes and our people,” said Rosa Elba Ortiz Santiago, 43, who sat with her teenage son and more than a dozen neighbors on an assortment of chairs. “We are used to earthquakes, but not of this magnitude.”


I am waiting to be tasked


54,000 people in Florida shelters

Irma beginning to turn toward the Keys.


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I’m chuckling, thinking of us saying to Tomnod, “Task us! Task us!”


We be waiting also…

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