Hurricane Irma Cat 5


My daughter endured Hurricane Irma in the American Virgin Island of St. John The island is in waste. She has been evacuated to St. Croix, where she will be flying back to San Diego on Thursday, the 14th. She lived there. But without a home, or job…she must start over again.
My prayers to all that have come through and condolences to those who have perished.


@Cynthia So happy your daughter is safe. I bet you are relieved!

My friend, J, had gone to south FL for a wedding which was held Saturday. After the wedding, she made it to Orlando, where the news said might get Irma’s wrath. She said she’s up on a hill… (so?).

No word about or from my disabled sister in Jacksonville. I assume Staff got her out of there.

Interesting… I heard that studies show when Seniors were moved to shelters, they died up to 3x more frequently and prematurely from natural causes, such as H attacks, strokes, etc. Sooo, some nursing homes have kept their pts rather than evacuate them.


My wife has a niece in Fort Pierce and another in Port St. Lucy. Haven’t heard anything from either one, or from her oldest sister in Vero Beach. Nor have I heard from my 2nd oldest sister on Jupiter Island. Last I heard she and her husband were visiting her son, DIL and granddaughter on SInger Island.
Late yesterday afternoon I saw that the Governor of Florida told Floridians that they had been warned, and if they choose to remain instead of evacuating, they’re on their own! He said they will not send out any emergency personell - police, fire, EMS - to ANY calls for help until AFTER the hurricane has passed and they are able to get back in.
This morning I watched the Irma’s eye hitting the Keys Islands. I pray they don’t end up flatten like those Caribbean islands. We’re praying for everyone being affected as well as those who have already endured this storm’s wrath.


Cat 4 Hurricane Irma - as of 12:42p EST
130mph winds, gusting to 160mph, moving N @ 9mph, 45 miles NNE of Key West


Map shows current locations of Irma, Jose and an Unnamed storm off the coast of Africa. Jeez, … Think we going to have a busy month or two…


Any idea if this is actually going to go ahead, and if so when it’s expected that cloud free images are likely to be available for use? It’s been a few days now since the first islands got hit, so surely something should be available soon? Then of course we need to wait for Florida and it’s keys!


My sister’s Assisted Living apt building is along the St Johns River. It’s flooded there plus the river will increase 1-2 feet more. Hope she’s okay. Worried. And J is still in Orlando last I heard.

H. Irma - missing family(ies)

More news, Palm Beach, Florida:

Hurricane Irma Is Set to Hit Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort
"Irma could send as much as ten feet of water onto the Mar-a-Lago property."

For Irma vs. Mar-a-Lago, the smart money is on Trump’s house

Irma: Florida residents call on Trump to open Mar-a-Lago as a shelter for hurricane victims


Awww …

Weathermen trying to rescue baby dolphin, on south Marco Island FL. Poor thing.

Pray for the wild babies that are fighting the storm surge!


Hi all,
From the DG side, we are working on processing imagery for tomnod now. Hoping to have an Irma campaign up within 24 hours, but we will have to see how everything goes.

Thank you for all your help!


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NASA has some nice day/night photos of a weakened Irma over Florida at


Hola Cageycat. Terrible situación la de tu hermana mayor y no has vuelto a hablar de ella ni de Jacksonville, ella está bien? Deseo de todo corazón que todo haya terminado bien.
Un abrazo
Emiliano SUCH

Google Translation
Hi Cageycat. Terrible situation of your older sister and you have not talked about her or Jacksonville, is she okay? I wish with all my heart that everything has ended well.
A hug


Espantoso…terriblemente espantoso.


Thank you, Emiliano. I’ve not heard anything yet. :frowning:

Google Translation:
Gracias, Emiliano. Todavía no he oído nada.