I found Nazi Gold train location


Hello, my name is Ryan Beatty and I live in Cullman Al. I trying to communicate with Sarah Parcak. I sent emails through the UAB website with no reply. I found the location of the Nazi Gold train in Poland. I am the only person who knows where it really is. A little about myself, I’m a 35 year young male. I have worked as a locomotive engineer for CSXT railroad for 13 years. I am an avid Google Maps user, and USGS account holder. I’ve found many historical sites, and lost or hidden man made structures. I sent about 20 screen shots of different sites to the UAB Email for Sarah to show my ability with satellite images. I have a lot of information I’d like to share about this Nazi Train with Sarah if possible. To much detail to try and explain on messanger. I hope a form of good communication can be established. Either by a meeting or a phone call will be fine. A reply to this will be appreciated so time won’t be wasted speculating and wondering. History is about to be made, and you have the opportunity for your name to be apart of that story that the whole world will know. It’s the largest treasure lost in modern time. I am truly serious on this matter. I was born to find this train and now I have. Satellite imaging is a big part of this find and I think you are the best person to represent it’s authenticity. Please reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you and gave a happy Halloween



Do you still have Sarah’s contact info?

@Ryan_Tyler_Beatty Sarah’s a very busy lady. I wouldn’t fret about a “no reply” until it’s been 6 months… well, I exaggerate, but you get my point. Just give more time. She might be away.


I do appreciate the swift reply. I also do apologize if I seemed pushy,
that was not my intention. I was hoping for an acknowledgement rather then
a reply. Thank you for taking the time to let me know about Sarah. I
understand if she can’t respond, I hope one day I do get the chance to talk
to her. If anyone else is interested in this adventure of a lifetime, let
me know. I am looking to put a team together so we can go start working the