I see that Em was here :-D


She left lotsa :heart: :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: s.

What was that 1950s show with the hoop? :mag:

I see Sean… and Mike… And Jim… And there’s Helen–and hello Bev!

Hello Ruth and John and George and Newt…

Don’t we all look pretty and handsome today… :smiley:


And I’ve another 4 hours before I can leave any more :disappointed:
But it’s good to be back and able to work on a campaign again :grin:


hehehe – She was here! I admit, I did a double-take on the 27 notifications. :fleur-de-lis:


:laughing: And I’m still here :hushed: and I’ve still got myself some Weddell Seals to tag…before I take my daughter to potter


So funny— another 12 in my notifications. I’m gonna call you the Hearts Lady. :heart_decoration:


Holy cow! Em popped 17 hearts on my posts. Before that were a couple from @AKE235, @Beverly1 and you, and before those another 25 hearts from Em! No wonder she runs out of hearts! Maybe Tomnod’s forum software would be so kind as to grant her double hearts? :grin:


The “limits”, and levels, and privileges etc are all set by Discourse (company that made the Forum software). Mods can’t change those settings.

Ruth and Em used to have Hearting Fests all the time. :smiley: Me, I never got accustomed to hearts or “likes” on forums. So my non-hearts don’t mean I dislike posts, but that I just don’t think of “liking” each one.

I will say that I wish the forum let us choose a heart-rate, like 5 hearts on heart-earth finds on satellte images… or deer in Jim’s yard. LOL


Ut oh @EmeraldEyes @kateg started a hearting run!

Should we have a Hearting Race? I will trot along the track handing out hearts to racers so you have a big supply :heart_eyes_cat: [Hmmm somebody changed the color? ] Anyway, I’ll hand the hearts out, and racers can post them anywhere— no, not on Nodder Noses! No, no, not on kitty paws! Nooo, stay off people’s eyeglasses! Geesh!

Who will race with us? Yes, of course, only in between tagging the boats! “No boat” “No boat” “No boat”…


Tag! You’re it!..


gotta name that tag!


Name it “Hearts”! :wink:
“Hearts! You’re it!”


No boat…No boat…No boat…:heart_eyes_cat:…No boat…No boat…No boat…:ship:…Not boat…No boat…:heart_eyes_cat:…No boat…


Ok, I tag… @Kathleen :heart_decoration:

(Now, Kathleen, you tag somebody with one of the hearts! and so on…)


I see @kateg and @Beverly1 made some long heart runs! Watch out @EmeraldEyes they are gaining on ya. LOL


I see you, @AKE235 hehehe :heart:


I spotted you, @Jim7 ! So who else will drop by to give someone else here a big heart?