If you see a System Edit in the new activity list


Say hello to ‘System’. LOL

If you see a System edit in the new posts list, where it shows thread-topic replies, and who gave hearts, you can read these threads for what Pencil (icon) System means. I think it’s unnecessary, but to avoid the System Edit, limit how much text you copy ‘quote text’ from anyone’s posts…

( https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-is-this-system-edit/105927/4 )

( https://meta.discourse.org/t/system-notifications-related-to-removing-quotes/104783/2 )

Don’t copy pics into your reply that someone else posted, like I have done, or “System” might strip out your re-posted pic.

Be careful about doubling any text side by side in your reply, like 2 of
he or hee
or others - 1 will get removed.

Try not to put 2 of the SAME emojis beside each other, especially if you’re quoting the emojis from someone else’s post.

Sounds like System is not into much fun or human expression. LOL ha LOL ha

Dang, just when we all were getting the hang of quoting and using multiple quotes in replies.


That’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) at work - with no sense of human wit and/or emotion. What describes something as a feeling (“ha, ha, ha” or “he, he, he”) would be redundant to the AI and thence stripped down to “ha” or “he”. Sound about right? Now what would happen when a sick mind uses more than one exclamation mark (which is totally unnecessary anyway)? Will it strip the trailing two or three exclamation marks? We’ll have to “test” this to found out I suppose. (He, he, he!) Oops! I don’t think this one will work as a test since I made the first “He” capitalized, the second lower case and the third followed by the closing of the parenthesis. Let’s try again… he, he, he


It’s more so if I exactly quoted your post with the he and he and he.

Can humans mess with AI roboticismness? (my made up word) I fear we might reduce ‘System’ to its breaking point. I don’t recommend trying to mess with it. Drat. Double drat.


Now this has peaked my mischievous interest. :smiling_imp:

Edit: I just had an afterthought… I wonder what would happen to an AI system if you typed an entire paragraph backwards and then asked it to spellcheck. :thinking: :crazy_face:


More info on this… (Quoted from Discourse)…

There’s no fancy AI here, just 3 simple rules:

IF a user adds a quote
AND the quote is of an entire post
AND the quote is from the immediate preceding post
THEN we remove the quote.


That means ANY length of text being the “entire” post, even 1 line or 2 lines, that fit the 3 rules.


Oh man! And here I thought - hoping - I could have some fun with it. :slightly_frowning_face:


Oh well Jim, you can always have some fun with me 'cos I haven’t a clue what Cagey just said up there; think I’ve got my stupid head on today :woozy_face: