If you speak Spanish can someone help Emiliano?


We have a “Nodder” who has questions about Tomnod. I tried to translate through Bablefish to get an idea of what he needed. But I don’t want to use it to translate back because I know there are different dialects of Spanish depending on region. If you could please see his message and help we would appreciate it. If you need help answering him please contact any of us moderators and we will help as best we can. Your moderators are myself @Pastor_Ruth @cageycat @AKE235 and thank you in advance for helping a fellow Nodder!


Maybe @Newtonian or @Stilman_Hector_Danie (where are you anyway? :grinning::heart:️) can help out…


Although I’m far from fluent, Ms. Newtonian is native fluent in Spanish. If you want me to have her read it and formulate a response with you we’re happy to help.