Important Information for All Nodders


Mornin’, Afternoon, and Evening to everyone across the Globe :smile:

This is a reminder about being safe with your personal information anytime you are online.

This is a public forum that is indexed in Google Results. Posts here also go out to potentially thousands of members by email notifications set up in their accounts. Please be aware of this when you post. (By the way, your email preferences are found under your name icon.)

Please do not post any of your personally identifying information, including your full name, your home address, city/state, telephone number, or your email address on the Forum.

If you have included personally identifying information in a prior post, you can edit your post. :smile: First, open the thread and go to your post. Look at the bottom of your old post. Click the pencil. This opens the Edit Post box. Remove the portions you want to edit. You could put this instead (Email Address Removed) or (Personal Information Removed). Then, Save your Edited Post. That’s it!

If you want to change your email address or have a concern about a log in problem, only Tomnod Staff can help you. Send an Email to to make changes to your Account.

For everything else, though, just post here in the Forum and we’ll all try to help you. We have great Nodder Sleuths who figure out the locations of interesting finds, and experienced Nodders who can give tips about tagging. And you can always post here in the Forum to reach Tech Support if you have a technical issue.

Thank you, and Nod on!

The Tomnod Mod Squad, @Pastor_Ruth @AKE235 and @cageycat