Information about total tiles please?



Sometimes, if folks know “how far” or “how much longer”, they can set smaller goals to reach the bigger goal. How many of us have said to ourselves “go another 1k before lunch”-- yup! Then said, “Oh just another 1k before 1 pm”-- yeppers! So…

How many poly tiles are in Weddell? (Snow blindness is real!)

How many tiles in H. Harvey?

Not asking about H. Irma because it is a multi-site campaign.


Well, such an information per map would be great, too. I’m just working on a map which is about 600 tiles long. Haven’t looked up the width yet. But would be grateful for a small progress indicator…


Didn’t Harvey have two separate landfalls?

Yes we did. It hit landfall as a Tropical Depression and I believe we obtained imagery and started tagging. It then moved towards Houston and gained strength to Hurricane status, we obtained new imagery and started tagging.

Question? How do we treat this? as a single event or two separate events? From a historical point of view, they would be separate.


I get the feeling that so far ALL the recent hurricanes don’t have the tile count of MH370… but of course the hurricanes are probably more information rich… by far.


Hello all and @cageycat! Here’s some info on total tiles/polygons, just for overall information about the campaigns (may not help in the day-to-day sense of the search). One issue there is that we are often adjusting as we go - adding, subtracting, modifying, etc. But as of this writing:

The current Weddell Seal campaign has 83,266 polygons that we are searching from 58 image strips.

The Hurricane Harvey campaign (currently) has 92,333 map tiles from 11 image strips.

The Hurricane Irma campaign (currently) has 190,006 map tiles from 38 image strips.

The Hurricane Maria campaign (currently) has 6,144 map tiles from 2 image strips. We are continuing to add imagery as we get it to all these campaigns, but focusing on Maria for now. Thank you volunteers!


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:smile: Funny you should say that Mel; when I first started on Tomnod (many moons ago and before the forum) they used to have a counter giving the total number of tiles which would start counting down as you worked your way through the maps. It used to frustrate me no end as the majority of the time I could manage to make a tend in them either let alone get down to zero :smiley: Think maybe once/twice I managed it…on a very small campaign no doubt. :smirk:


Interesting @EmeraldEyes, I didn’t know that was a feature once upon a time!


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Yeah Em, I seem to recall that tile counter in those early days. Also seem to recall lots of sand, possibly Mongolian sand.


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Hey AK, did you ever do the original campaign Tomnod was developed for, The Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan; that was Mongolia :thinking:


@Mel_Nod, how many polygons do we have in the present “Weddell seals: Western Antarctic Peninsula…” campaign? (150 000 - 160 000?)


Hello @Shaul, there are 155,176 polygons in the current seals campaign.

Thanks all for your continued help on the seals count!