Instructions for Highlight, Copy, Paste


Instructions for Highlight, Copy, Paste

Control Key plus letter A = highlights
For one word or one connected text, such as a URL, it only needs 1-click to highlight. Put your cursor anywhere on it, click once. *Click on a paragraph to copy all of it.

For long text, use your mouse to highlight all. Example, this whole line.

Control Key plus letter C = copy
This puts the highlighted word or text into RAM - Random Access Memory.
Text put into RAM will stay in RAM until the next thing you copy-- or you turn your PC off.

Control Key plus letter V— however, you must first put your cursor at the exact spot you want the text to appear, even if on a different website or program.

So try it. Highlight and copy something to RAM. Come to this thread and paste it.

Forum Pastes
Put ( around ) URLs to keep it as a URL.

Otherwise, it will make a box-link, such as: