Italy earthquake - technical issue


Last week, I was able to complete two areas for the Italy project. But these last three days, I’m unable to review new areas because the tomnod software is returning me to areas I have already completed.

When I sign in to Tomnod to begin work on a new area, the coverage area that is given to me appears this way: Most of the area is covered with the satellite image but there is also a patchwork of grey quadrants as if to indicate that there are areas I missed reviewing during my initial pass of this area. But this is impossible because I pan through each area, one tile after another, in a horizontal progression before moving to the next row.

I’m guessing this is a glitch in the tomnod software because some of the grey quadrants include places that I’ve already tagged when I first reviewed the area a week ago.

When I opened up tomnod today, the area that tomnod is giving me is: eqpxfy2 – I already reviewed this area last week and have tagged locations, but the map is showing gray quadrants in about 50% of the entire area.

This has been occurring for the last three days.

I haven’t had this problem with previous projects.

I’m using Firefox browser.

Thank you for your help!