Jump to Priority Area (H. Maria)


Jumping with my (New Me),
Many times it happens, it stay on the same picture, even if the tile nr change, after new jump,
Now I figured out to hit the back arrow (Url), to check, still same picture, just with the before tile nr.
Now hitting the Arrow forward (Url), I come to the new right picture/tile nr.
As shown in these pic.


Explaining again.

  1. Jump I get a new pic/tile nr.
  2. Jump I stay on same pic, only tile nr change.
  3. (if I dont use the arrows) 3. Jump I get a new (3`)pic/tile nr.
    That means there could be pic never seen, only the system think they have be seen, because the tile nr change without changing the picture belonging to that tile nr.
    Meaning there could be tiles never seen or maybee just seen by one or 5, but the system think it have been seen by 10.
    That maybee explain, when tagging around, still many times only 1-5 agree in that tag.
    Checked out with both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
    Yes I know, those Monday┬┤s :slight_smile: