Keeps logging me out automatically when I leave the site


My campaign progress shows to the right of my name if I log back in, however if after logging in, I click on my profile on the drop down, it does not show my progress? It has “0”, even though I have logged 50.0 K. Thanks for your help.


It hasn’t shown a counter in the profile for probably 2 yrs now. It only shows your counter inside the campaign.

Oh… and what browser? Chrome Incognito does auto log out.


Like Cagey says, they haven’t used that counter if the profile for a number of years now. Mine stopped with a total figure for Maps, Tags, consensus scores but those figures haven’t changed for the past couple of years.

I don’t know if you joined after the counter stopped, if you did then maybe that’s why yours show zeros and always will :wink:

The automatic log out maybe something to do with the settings in your browser…just an idea. Which is no bad thing really, I never allow my computer to keep me logged in to anything when I leave a site, I always log in/out manually. But also, this may be happening when you clear your browsing history.


Oh you are right…I have my browser (Safari) set to clear my history every few days! That could be it! I agree not a bad thing to log in each time, just wondered if I had a glitch!
My old account the numbers may have stopped… I don’t remember!
Glad to know it is nothing to worry about! Thank you!


Thank you @cageycat and @EmeraldEyes!

Yes, it’s a sad but true fact - the Profile page is fairly busted at this point.

I am actually going to check on the log-in issue, though. Thanks for posting that @T_Boechler.


Curious faithful tomnodders - is anyone else having the same issue as @T_Boechler, that you are logged out when you leave the site? (I assume this means close the browser window)


I use Chrome Incognito. Normal behavior is getting logged out.

Just tried reg Chrome. Stayed logged in… normal behavior.
(Normal behavior after leaving window closed then returning is still being logged in.)

Others reported different issues with Firefox and Tomnod; maybe log-in-out is part of it?


I have to admit being really lazy, and leaving the desktop running with all browser windows open.
The only time that I close the browser window is during a restart, either just the browser or the entire computer… Chrome (regular mode) doesn’t log me out. Haven’t tried any of the other browsers recently, as Chrome has been behaving itself for Tomnod seal-searching purposes… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I do it like Helen does it.

I use the Opera browser (Win 10 64-bit). It is like Chrome, and I haven’t had any problems lately.


Hi @Mel_Nod, Ditto Helen re my overall computer behaviors. I have Chrome and Safari. Safari will log me out if I close it. Chrome (regular) does not. I do not use incognito. Interestingly I can have Safari and Chrome up at the same time.


Thanks all. @Shaul I’ve heard some of you mention Opera - good to know there’s something else Tomnod will work on.

@Sandra not sure if that is an option for you.


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The seal campaign also works just fine on my (old) version of Firefox, and an up-to-date version of Brave (an ad-free browser that I’m beginning to use more and more now :relaxed:)