Legend dies - Stan Lee, Marvel Comics


Legend Stan Lee RIP :frowning:

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I used to like listening to Stan talk about his work, although it wasn’t really something a kid would do - just watch his movies and read his comic book. I even listened to him talking about his characters in the last couple of movies that were made not too long ago. A really nice man who was taken advantage of in his final years. I will miss him and his creations. He had a wonderful imagination.


“I will miss him and his creations”

He Imagination and development of Marvel characters irreplaceable.

Such an inspiration and a life well lived.


Legend? I have to disagree. Stan was and is a god!!! :wink:
It is so great that his comic book creations were made into movies and did so well, all within his lifetime so that he got to see that and the public’s response (much larger audience than comics and cartoons).


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