Let's find @Mel_Nod



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“It’s always a fun time celebrating quarterly achievements with teammates.”

ooooooOOO… let’s find Mel ! LOL Imaginations only. No hints.


I think she’s wearing something tan or green with blue jeans, standing beside a tree or window. That sorta covers most areas! lol


This is going to be hard. I don’t see any chaise lounges with umbrellas and a side table full of margaritas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahah this is funny! I was absolutely at this happy hour but even I am having trouble finding myself … :crazy_face:


Can’t remember what you were wearing? :roll_eyes:


Ah ha! That means she’s mingling! Hurry! Catch her!!


I think she’s in the corner with her laptop checking up on us. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh no! I didn’t (lick) brush (lick) my fur. Gotta be present-able when the boss comes 'round. :cat:


And here I thought we were cutting cut a little slack from the slave labor. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink:


I’m gonna vote for the girl in the green shirt sitting at the bar, cause that’s where I would be.


Ooooooo! You might be right!!


Has anyone noticed that @Mel_Nod hasn’t said whether or you were right? Or given any hints? :thinking:


It lets us all imagine. Imagining is fun!


I think Melissa is right in the front on the right. She’s got a brown sweater over a black outfit, a drink in her left hand, an empty plate in her right (that she can’t wait to fill up again) and she surrounded by 3 guys. And I bet you a cookie she’s telling them about a nodder (I won’t mention any names) that counted over a thousand penguins instead of seals and went back and deleted all the errant tags. :innocent: :roll_eyes:


I’m pretty sure you weren’t the only one, Jim… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Since I can not be too serious with this… I have no idea what Mel_Nod looks like… I had to drag out Murphy’s Law and apply some corollaries using the base logic… which have been tailored to my / our experience with our many campaigns…
We regularly examine areas with many visual distractions, often with less than ideal imagery that is indistinct and often dark as well. and the objects are sometimes very small and nestled in positions very close to other objects. This is often the normal search… and with that and others in mind, I offer this… and as always O’toole’s Theorem is also in mind .ie. Murphy is an optimist!

Try looking at this… seems to be a female, is just OUTSIDE the glass, thus indistinct and mostly featureless
and darker… close to the people on the stairway… so concealed a bit… and so on…
I marked this cropped and enlarged the section and put a circle around my choice… oh! the location of the party is at DG building Atrium area…


Probably not though… but the effort was fun!


LOL @Doug4 I like how you think! @Mel_Nod You gotta give Doug kuddos for his logic approach to this “task”. :smile: -) It makes this cat smile!



You mean you also counted over a thousand penguins? :laughing: Now I don’t feel so bad. :slightly_smiling_face:


Count us, count us!


Now you can see why it’s so hard to count penguins. They bend over and look like a rock. Now if they all stood up straight and cast a nice shadow it would be so much easier. And I could have taken less than half the time when I counted those 1,200+ penguins before! :frowning_face: This would almost be as hard as counting tires in a tire dump. But on a positive note, the penguins wouldn’t be stacked 30 to 80 high! :rofl:
At 0:55, I think that one is looking for her boat keys. And I could have sworn I thought I heard one telling where @Mel_Nod is hiding. :wink: