Let's find @Mel_Nod


Nodders! I’m a bit disappointed! I expected, by now, that someone would “count” everyone at the party!! Then, I thought someone would draw x-tags on all the males, so we’d be closer to Finding @Mel_Nod Only then will we be able to drop the golden tag. :smiley:

Come on, Nodders, let’s get on this!


Way back, before I realized I didn’t have a clue about Mel’s appearance I started an elimination then came back in this graphic to better orient the overall picture… the first one sort of deleted everything and one …
This one just made the other stuff fade into the mist… so to speak… ghosted I think is the term… I made my guess, but this might help with your plan and it was already done…

I also claim that some of that is hard to see, I might have made a mis ID or two… either way…


Heck, I’d better spit’n’polish my sticks :sweat_smile:


In which case, she’s not the one in green at the bar, nor the one with their back to the camera at the bar…she’s the one under the bar…finding herself :rofl:


You know, it’d be rough to ID her if @Mel_Nod has a crew cut or short-short hair. :wink:


Hold the phone everyone! I have the feeling @Mel_Nod was probably in the ladies’ room when this picture was taken! She was indulging in happy hour. Having no idea how long she was there before this photo was taken, I bet she’s not even in it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As an aside, I wonder if @HappyMapper was there as well. I’m going to have to go back over this photo and see if she was. For all I know, @Mel_Nod and @HappyMapper probably went to the ladies’ room together as they were talking about Tomnod. :thinking:


Great job Doug. I’m not sure what Mel looks like either.


It’s been 14 days and @Mel_Nod hasn’t given any clues - either way - as to whether she is even in this photo. She did say she was there at the happy hour, so let’s assume she was getting into some pleasant libation! :rofl: This should rule out what the majority of the people are holding in there hands. I enlarged the photo and right out there in front is a female holding what looks like a glass of liquor on ice (mixed with ginger ale?). :woozy_face: :rofl: Now if Mel_Nod is having trouble finding herself, then maybe she is right under her nose - right at the bottom of the photo in plain sight.
One thing I noticed in the photo is a dark black horizontal line passing down through a female about mid way up and on the right. The one I said early that was surrounded by three males. She has the green (turquoise) top. The line passes right down through her head and left side. Was Med_Nod trying to cut herself out of this photo? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl:

Note: When I uploaded the enlarged photo, Discourse automatically resized it back to the original size. :unamused:


change the file name, lol.


I did! I had saved it as “Finding Mel_Nod_zoomed in.jpg”. Must be Discourse software is peed at me because I’ve been posting so much. I got a little slap on the keyboard fingers the other day as it told me I had replied to KateG (or was it TerriB?) 23% of the time. It told me to give others a chance to reply. :confused: That’s funny, I was asked something and I replied, etc… :unamused: Anyway, maybe I can divide the photo into 4ths and upload it… or just forget it. :roll_eyes:


I found @Mel_Nod! She wasn’t at that happy hour as she said! She was on holiday in East Antarctica attending a masquerade party! Here she is relaxing on a snow sofa while the waiter gets her another drink. Boy! She almost had us fooled into thinking she was in the first photo! :laughing:

Okay, I’m going to bed! :laughing:


Has anyone other than me notice just how tight-lipped Mel has been? She’s given no hint as to whether anyone had picked her out or even got “warm.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think we’ve already pinned her down but she doesn’t want to admit it. Either that or she has left for warmer climates like the marshall islands or some such.