Libya Ghost Ship - repeating entry point and Jump moves only a few tiles


I keep getting dropped on tiles to the right of an airport in Libya, the same airport, like deja vu. I’ve previously done 5 or 6 rows (or more) up from here. Jump is unresponsive, e.g. it drops me on another airplane tile, still in the bottom land rows. I’ve not gotten more than a couple tiles width or height off-shore in a very long time because of this. Yet to see many big boats, either, :frowning: cos I’m not out in the water.

Airplanes where I keep getting dropped (on tiles to the right of the planes):


Cagey, could it be that you’ve finished this maps. It’s only taken me a couple of hours…in between other jobs :slight_smile: Zoom out and check where you’re up to :slight_smile:


Oh, and clicking on the Jump to… buttons just brings me to the bottom right corner tile


That has been happening to me for days. Something doesn’t add up because the printed descriptive stats claim over a half million sq kms in the search and I’ve looked at less than 100k tiles. So, where are the other maps?


I know how to zoom out but it starts filling in all strips from top down. I know I’ve mostly been on sand. But if yours shows all the water there is, maybe I am done. I’m confused though because I think I only have 2 large ships away from port. I guess I thought we’d see more endless water which is why I keep going back to help finish this campaign. Oh well.


I’ve been having this issue too. I’ve done the entire section (same one I think) and keep being brought back to one particular spot in the sand when I try to jump.


I know you know how to zoom out, I was just suggesting you zoom out and see if all the tiles have been opened. If they are then you are done :slight_smile:


Newtonian, maybe they have split the map into shorter runs to prevent the slowing down we’ve experienced with the larger maps :slight_smile:


I’m sure they have split them up and this campaign runs very very quickly. I’m just wondering where the rest of the 500+k sq kms are? I go take a look every day and the system will never let me off of one of the old sections (dva) that I finished long ago.

No response from the technical folks?



I didn’t mean that phrase how it might come across. Apologies. I was only stating I knew how to zoom out, but I’m baffled why it starts filling in all the tiles (lots more up/down than I ever get, and can’t get to it seems). I don’t think I’ve done them all, but I can’t get a “picture” of what I’ve done / not done when they’re all loading. And jump takes me back to the airplanes every time.

I finally had a scrolling party with my paws (you know how :cat:s like unrolling paper towels? LOL). I got up to tiles I’ve never seen … boats in port with 50-60 consensus. Until then, I only found a very low number down near the shore. Still only found a few big-big ships overall.

Sorry for causing a misunderstanding over my comment.


No problem. I didn’t take it in a bad way at all. We’re all big kids.


Cagey is this what you are seeing when zoomed out?

It is what I see when I’ve zoomed out TN’s screen to -5 AND zoomed out Google Chrome to -25%.
If the grid you are seeing unfolding around the visible map is what you see also, that is not part of the map’s grid to be explored!
I can’t explain what that grid is; in my head I understand what I’m seeing but can’t describe what it’s for…at least not with any technical terminology :slight_smile: I imagine it to be where all the other sections of the map of the whole of Libya and it’s waters are stored, like manilla wallets storing paper maps, when one section of map has been explored thoroughly its returned to its wallet and another one taken out of a wallet (the wallets being one of those white bordered grid box’s we can see around the map). And I have seen these in many other campaigns.

This is the map with TN’s screen zoomed out to -5 and Google Chrome zoomed out to -67%.
This is the only open section of map we are meant to be working on for tagging (with inland cut away).

I dare say you have actually completed the map as we all have and that’s it until/if/when TN load another section for us to explore :slight_smile:

There must be more as it says on the home screen that we only completed 14%

There was really only 2 big ships sailing that were worth tagging and an oil slick in the wake of one of them . All other ships tagged were in port!

@Newtonian After saying all of the above, if those white grid lines are anything to go by, I dare say TN have just not gotten around to uploading a new section yet. Or maybe they’re waiting until what we have done so far has been analysed. I suppose it’s up to the client if they want to continue :confused:



Yes! I get your first picture (after the sand strips load). So I’ve kept looking for water “above” the sand. Then I ran into white blank boxes – left, right, above… – this cat could climb on 'em, in 'em, over 'em – but saw nothing inside or outside. As you know, it’s rather disappointing if a :cat: can’t do anything except stare at white-lined empty boxes. Surely there must be a shadow or a speck in them somewhere?? (Should put a "surprise in those holding cells… like opening Cracker Jacks and see a new sight. )

Perhaps Tomnod is testing a new Get-your-Zen platform… :“Stare at the white boxes… imagine a scene in the white boxes… as you see the scene it will get clearer, and clearer…” cat: zoning out LOL


Think maybe they’re waiting for all participants to complete the map before they open the next one perhaps :wink:

I didn’t get to complete the previous one, much larger map, in time before the switch, (the one where @Newtonian tagged the tramp freighter and tug), I take a look in but as tagging is completed there, I can’t really do any more than look :unamused:

We need a dog in here Cagey, they meant to be good at open the mail :smiley:


I got the same map as you, and I’m stuck in it too. No wonder this campaign makes no progress :unamused:


I don’t believe we are stuck or that this is a technical issue. I believe we have just completed the current section of map they have loaded.

The whole map has basically been broken up into sections. In past campaigns they have loaded the whole of the satellite map (and some of them were huge) but us nodders had loads of problems with speed of loading and scrolling through the tiles as speeds would gradually deteriorate to a snails pace the more tiles we scanned and tags we placed (sometimes in the thousands). So since splitting up maps into sections, it has really speeded things up for everyone…probably too quickly at times for TN to keep up with us…in times like these :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably your “folder” idea is correct but I can tell you that, on the terminal edge of any given map set, if I’m at or above the screen change speed where all of the grid lines have disappeared and image is visible across the entire screen (but the zoom is still at 0) I can see much more area visible beyond the black edge. But, once you stop, or just slow down, that area disappears back to a black edge. So “something” is out there and loaded.


Bwahahahaha – TN just reduced the total sq km on Libya from 500+ to 100k sq km. Guess the project is done?


Yes, I say we’re done Newtonian :laughing:


Chuckling! Tn forgot April Fools was last month!

It was nice to paw through all that sand. At least this :cat: stayed dry with no :wavy_dash: :wavy_dash: :wavy_dash: lapping at my fur. :cat2: