Libya Ghost Ship - repeating entry point and Jump moves only a few tiles


This map we are looking at is about 20x4=80 sq km so it’s about 0.064% of the entire search area (124 184).
So there must be at least 1500 maps like this … 1257 taggers currently, so to satisfy the 10x coverage goal every tagger should search through at least 12 maps (on average).
Now that’s a mighty task, particularly it they give us only one map per week :sweat:
We will end up having 1257x coverage for every map and the project lasts about 28.8 years :scream:

Sorry, just got carried away with numbers :grin:


My husband and son like to do their math on me too



Hi everyone! Thanks for bringing this to our attention -after some investigation we realized that the maps did not prioritize correctly. The issue has been fixed and new maps have been added. All previous contributions were saved and can be used. Thank you!


April :cat: Fools :wink:


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