Libya - having trouble accessing the campaign


sorry - i’m a newbie, this is the first place i could get in a comment. having some trouble getting the maps up, can anyone help with this?

Libya: Ghost Boat

Hi @michelle1, can you send me the URL you’re at (with the map ID at the end of the URL)?


i can only get as far as the directions page, where it talks about what to look for but not actually on the maps themselves. off the tomnod main page


ok i got the link from Pastor Ruth’s message - there must be a way to getin without coming to the forum tho


In the upper right hand of that screen there is an “X” if you click on that it will take you to the map. I hope this helps a bit.

Your Tomnod Mod ~ Pastor Ruth


Hi @michelle1 -just checking in, did you make it into the campaign okay? Let me know if you still need help.


I have the same problem. I don’t see any map. It is all black. What can I do?


Can you share a URL? It may be that the map you landed on it panchromatic (black & white) so the map tile you’re on may appear black with subtle texture in it. Panchromatic imagery is often a preferred type of imagery to use in water searches because surface features will pop-out, visually.


@rafal.zabinsk @michelle1 and others who might be new to water searches:

Just to clarify what you will see on these maps in particular:

Black that looks very “smooth” – This is an edge or what we call “off the map”. Smooth black tiles are on many campaigns and surround the real map. These borders may be Jet Black and smooth, or Pure White and smooth, or a color, like red, with dark diagonal lines through those tiles.

Water shown in panchromatic “black” is different though. – This “black” actually is the scene of water. This type of black will look like someone made white “scratches” or scratchy lines here and there; those are often waves. It will also have a “starry” (star) quality, with teeny white dots throughout each tile. I’m not a scientist, but I believe these white star specks are reflections off the water. The scratchy star quality is what HappyMapper is referring to as a texture.

TIP: You can set your browser to a lower percent to try to find an “edge” to the map. (hold down the Control Key and click the minus sign. To reverse, hold control key and the plus sign.) OR, just start in that row where you landed, and move left or right, or up or down.

TIP: When you get to the end of a map row, the API where you see the map tiles won’t let you go further in that direction. It will “bounce” back to the tile you were on last. So, go down (or up) one row, and go back in the opposite direction.

Other TIPS can be found in the Resources thread. Or use Search (magnifying glass, top right of the Forum window) and type in TIP or TIPS.