Libya - new tag/tag revision requests


How about an “Other” or “Interesting Object”/“Point of Interest”? Have noticed numerous, possible sunken items.

Libya: Ghost Boat
Libya: Ghost Boat
Libya: Ghost Boat

Great idea @Walter ! We talked with the group at Medium and have added an “Other” tag option. Check it out & let us know if you find it helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!


Can we get a smaller tag on the boat tag? Unless you want us to not bother with small personal craft which I am fine with being able to distinguish between the two. But I just noticed a port where there are what appear to be oil tankers and there seem to be some smaller boats by them. See link below for reference. Thank you in advance!


But there’s only 2 tag options; there is not tag for “debris cluster”!?


My logic may be wrong, but I figured that since the client is trying to find new “things” to investigate then simply dropping one marker in the midst of each cluster of boats in the breaker yard and port area should draw their attention to that area.

They have a daunting project on their hands because even if the subject boat (of which they have no certain description) has washed up on shore, then certainly scavengers or professional breakers have walked off with any evidence or completely demolished the boat – now almost 2 years down the road.


@Pastor_Ruth @Newtonian I adjusted the size of the “Boat” tag down a little (I also adjusted the “Oil slick” tag size up a little). If there are several boats clustered together & the tag size is still too small, go ahead and drop a tag in the center of the cluster. Thanks! :thumbsup:


Thank You!!!:thumbsup: