Libya surrounding tiles


Libya has 5.75 surrounding tiles up the left side. If you’all have a chance @HappyMapper @tomnodryan could you cut away 4 or 5 of the black not-meant-to-search on that side?

Top row begins at top searchable row.
No idea about bottom and right side.


Sometimes the satellite picture isn’t aligned with our grid, so that there are several black tiles in e.g. the right top-most corner, but in the right bottom-most corner there are no black tiles. How does it look in your satellite picture, @cageycat?


@cageycat Thanks for letting us know. At this point the campaign is nearly complete so we won’t make the update to the search area. Though I really do appreciate you pointing this out to us. Next time you see this can you include a link to maps where you are seeing black tiles. That will help us address the problem more quickly.