Lie down on ice....(Dr Michelle?)


…and talk to Weddell seals.

Who whine and whimper, click and complain…

and worse



Graceful animals, at least, when under water. Those are some unexpected sounds in the videos, thank you for linking those. Neat that the study has been going on so long. If the scientists can track them so well, though, what is the campaign here for? To see where else (not near the scientific outposts) they gather?

Nevermind, found the answer in the first Weddell seals post.


I was trying to find a way to play on the idiom, “Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas”, but nothing fit for “Lie down on ice…” LOL

You ask a good question about the studies of Weddells. Maybe Dr. @Michelle4 can answer this sometime. My first guess is there are many groups who study them. I believe Dr Michelle’s researchers are at a different university than the other groups. Also, “research” is such a wide / broad arena – from in person to satellite. I believe Dr Michelle’s interest is identifying seals from satellites, sort of like our Dr Sarah winning a TED Talk prize for her idea of finding archaeological sites from images. Just be glad we aren’t counting “cracks in ice cracks” lolol – I guess that’s down the road. hahaha And yes, I think I recall Dr Michelle or someone at Tomnod saying the Weddells gather at different places (something about differences with fast ice, etc.) and we’re looking at the last area where they might be.

@EmeraldEyes seems really good at spotting seals. Me, not so good.


I think a bit of the research is also to learn more about where they go outside of breading season. The Antarctic is such a vast desert and the satellite maps cover such a small area of it (minuscule by comparison to the whole of Antarctica) and up until now it’s only been Dr. Michelle searching through all those maps.

If put Dr Michelle’s tag name into the search bar you’ll find a few explanations to the purpose of the campaign and how she’s had to manage in the past :wink:


Here’s one explanation in another post from Mel.


And here’s another example of what they look like from a satellite :grin:

( )


Thanks Em! Those are the first seals I’ve tagged in over 1k images… thought they’d all gone away on holiday! :rofl::grin:


Yes, there are several groups across many countries who study Weddell seals! Our work is a collaboration with colleagues at Montana State University, who help us with ground validation. But, we also have colleagues in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand who study them as well!






Nooo, that’s not true…it can’t be right…you can’t have gotten through over a thousand images and not found one seal inside a poly…stop exaggerating…or else you need a new dealer to give those cards a real good shuffle :rofl:



The Weddells waddle (a)way when they see me coming.


When I posted that originally, I hadn’t quite got through 1k images, but had definitely not seen any seals for a while! I was beginning to feel “seal-deprived”…! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I think someone must have given the image deck a good shuffle, and given the snowglobe a shake for good measure, I spotted quite a few seals last night, and again tonight.
(There again, I have now managed to significantly overtake Michelle’s count, so I’d expect to see a few…!)


“Lie down with seals, wake up with frostbite.”


At least they’re not following the whitetail deer to my front yard - and raiding the bird feeders! Maybe I better not say that or the penguins will show up next! :rofl:


Lie down with seals and wake up flattened…

Seal packin away it’s flexible friend for the winter…


Eric Whitacre - The Seal Lullaby (Album version w Lyrics)