Like_Neutral_Dislike or Something else?

I often wish I could do something other than like :heart: a post. It would be good if I could express my feelings more accurately. :heart: is fine for some; others I :laughing: at; :disappointed::neutral_face::frowning_face::rage: would also be appropriate in some circumstances.

:heart: this post if you agree, disagree or couldn’t care less!


Well… that was easy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately, that isn’t under Tomnod’s control. Even if it was, Tomnod would need programmers to change the backend.

It is a Discourse feature. You can give feedback to them. Sign up here: Then, go to their forum.

Hearts are part of “gamification” to encourage people to positively interact with others in a forum. Facebook also resisted adding “angry” and “sad” to indicate dislike. I doubt Discourse will change theirs. But I do agree with you.


I think I’ll try to achieve something easy like lasting world peace before tackling that one!

It just seems so wrong “liking” a post where something bad - ocean pollution and your pain are two things that come quickly to mind - is being described and where indicating another emotion would be so much more appropriate.


I’m not sure if Facebook is the same on both sides of the pond, but here we have 6 options which become available if you hover over the Like button for a moment or two.



Yes we have the same…unfortunately…it hasn’t changed the way we can “respond” to an article/statement. …still have to go along with the “masses” rather than have an individual thought.


Yes, which is why I used a past tense verb, “resisted”. They didn’t want to add those, but finally did.


Do you know what would be cool? If we could examine the three different sets of emojis that are available and pick out which ones we like the most. As for myself, I prefer the “old” (last) halo emoji over the current one. The current one looks like a gold crown on its head than a halo. At least the old halo was blue. The old “laughing” emoji was better looking than the current also.

Populating a new database with our “desired” emojis while keeping current ones would require a new database, but so what? I realize it would take time to copy emojis from one database to another, but @cageycat has a lot of free time. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :grinning:

Seriously though, since there are three sets of emojis available to users of the Discourse platform, it is up to them to decide which set to use. So that would be the Tomnod IT staff. Now if we could get our hands on all three sets of emojis, pick up which ones we like in each set, then we could make up a new set of emojis to use. And as an added bonus, the set would be available to Discourse to offer other users of the platform. And maybe we could even slip a black cat in there for Cagey. See? All worked out! :nerd_face:


@Jim7 Discourse said it is controlled by Admins. When emojis changed under Happy’s leadership, she claimed they made no changes.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for having our preferred set.


I know. I was hoping somehow they would give up the sets so we could “rework” them and create a new set. I was dreaming.
Check out the weather reporting topic. We’re having a nice shower. :wink:


Afraid I’ve run out of my quota of :heart:'s playing catchup on here, but I agree and find sometimes it’s not even appropriate to like :heart:

But I :heart: this post :grin:


Instagram is testing a change to their “like” system on posts…

Celebrities with millions of likes will not “like” this system.


Maybe we could also think of the heart as also meaning empathy/sympathy/compassion/hope in addition to happiness/laughter/joy.


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