Losing Furry Friends


@HappyMapper Are there any more image sets in the pipeline for this campaign?

After an horrendous weekend (I had to reluctantly have one of my furry companions sent on his ‘long sleep’), I needed something to take my mind off things and somehow managed to view and rate the entire image set! (Yes, over 10k images…!)

Mapping Ethiopia's Population - weekly standings

Sorry about your furry companion :crying_cat_face: We are about to launch Ethiopia sections 2 and 3 (waiting on some imagery that is still being processed). Should be up within the next hour or so (fingers crossed).


Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll have to make a start on them tomorrow, it’s now (yawn) time for some :zzz: :sleeping:


Awww Helen, sorry to hear about your kitty … bear hugs


Oh crumbs


Thanks @EmeraldEyes, he’s managed to leave a huge black and white furry hole in our lives … and on top of that I’ve got a Siamese wandering around the house yelling at the top of his voice looking for his friend… :confused:

Can’t wait for the new image sets, it’s a very therapeutic way of forgetting “real life” for a while…! :slightly_smiling:


Aww poor Siamese…boy can they be loud though :worried:
Growing up we had a cat and dog, both white, the dog was a jack russel so similar is size; I swear he thought he was a cat too. They were the very best of play mates but when the cat died our dog did miss her so much, seemed lost without her.

Now, If you need any further distraction here’s a few sights which might interest you. @Kathleen posted links to them some time ago, here or on facebook, can’t remember, they all seem to just merge together over time :smiley:

First two are verifying images of wildlife:-

And these are live webcams of wildlife (good to keep on another tab for taking a break from nodding)




So sorry to hear about your kitty. I had to put mine down the Easter before last. Hardest thing I ever had to do, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop grieving. Had him for half my life. He was my best friend in the whole world, with me nearly 24 hours a day for 15 years.

My daughter begged me for a kitten for months, and I finally said yes in October. No other cat could ever replace him, but having a little kitten around sure does lift your spirits.

Tomnod really is great for keeping the mind busy, while also feeling like your contributions really can help the world a little bit.

Good for you doing all 10k images! I’m still no where even close to that. I’m sure trying though :blush:


Thanks Em, yes, they sure can be loud when they’re being “talkative”! :mega: He’s just being a little louder than usual…!

Thanks for the links, I have to admit Zooniverse has been keeping my mind occupied until the next next round of Ethiopia images appears… @Happymapper, have these been released yet? I can’t see any link to them on the home page… (Sorry to keep pestering, it’s just the need to have something else to think about…! ;))


Thanks @Noel, I’ve had to go through it several times over the years now, and it never gets any easier! But I can’t just stand by and let an animal suffer… I also can’t seem to get by without a cat in my life, hence the Siamese! :cat2: He’s past the kitty stage now though, still just as naughty :innocent:, just a bit heavier! :wink:

You’re right about Tomnod being good for keeping the mind busy (and doing a little bit of good at the same time) - I’m not even sure how I managed to get through so many images, I only realised that I’d finished the lot when it wouldn’t give me a new polygon to classify! (And that only after I’d refreshed the screen a few times…!)


I used to regularly rescue kitties. So many people dump cats onto streets. Most rescues come beaten down from stress, lack of food/water, hurt when darting across streets while dodging traffic, cat fights with dominant males/females, and suffering ongoing abuses from humans (kicking, hitting, throwing, etc.).

Nearly every stray I’ve taken in was sick, nearly on death’s door, or disabled. One couldn’t pee (a boy needed to have girl parts because he was so blocked); one had a paralyzed paw; several had Feline AIDS (cats can live with the disease for several years if treated); and some were dying from untreated kidney infections.

So… I’ve had lots of kitty deaths including two who died in my arms. :frowning: I had Oreo from 4 weeks old to age 20-- and when he died I vowed “never again! no more cats!” And then Petie my philosopher boy-changed-to girl died; then disabled Bouncie who was never expected to live past 24 hrs after her birth (she lived nearly 18 yrs). And daggone it, a year after Oreo died, a cat looking just like him showed up at my door, barely alive… and yeah, I took him in…

Yesterday, we found out he’s very ill. And, he probably won’t live long. I don’t know if… if I can … get through it. Ill-cat care costs hundreds to thousands, which I don’t have. I had to choose to let Bouncie go, which went against my no-kill values, but as a cat born with her legs twisted, she already endured enough kitty aches and pains. I did physical therapy on her starting 14 hrs after her birth, every day until she could stand, climb, walk…and she had a ‘good’ life overall. But we both had enough pain to last a dozen kitty lifetimes. It’s always a dilemma whether to let a pet go, because we love them like kids.

I’m very sorry for your loss, Helen. I often write poems for people who’ve lost kitties. If you would like me to write one for you, tell me about your cat and how you first met in a private message.

Sad :crying_cat_face:


Thanks Cageycat, I’ll take you up on your kind offer of a poem for Charlie … I’ll try to send you all the details at the weekend, when my head will hopefully be thinking a little clearer…! :confused:
(I collected his ashes yesterday, and that just served to set me back again…)

After every loss (and there’s been a few over the years/decades) I always start off saying “That’s it, no more”, but then one somehow manages to turn up and need a home, and, like you, cannot turn them away. And then I put myself through it all over again… got no-one to blame but myself, just can’t stand the thought of a kitty in need! :cat2:


Hey @Noel

I’ve been catching up on forum posts today and saw that you lost a kitty, too. I’d like to extend my offer to you as well if you’d like me to try to write a poem about your cat. Just send info by Private Message with as many details about his life and family, how you met, his likes/dislikes, quirks, your memories of him, etc. If you and @Helen want to include a picture of your cat, too, that helps me visualize the kitty better.

I’ve done poems over the years for many people. I’m not a fantastic poet but I try to personalize my writing for each person.


@cageycat I haven’t forgotten your kind offer of a poem for Charlie :cat2:… every time so far that I’ve started to write something down about him, it’s set me off :sob: again! Even though I knew he was getting old and we’d probably have lost him this year anyway, he’s still managed to leave a gaping furry black-and-white hole in my life…!