LROC-3 Moon shot


What Topic Now?

Somewhere on the Moon, in the mittle off nowhere.


looks like someone left their truck parked and a fuel lorry as well.


My first thought was the big screen of a drive-in movie theatre!


Neat find. Also looking at the original image, just to the right and below this area, note that there are three very young craters, and at least one other closer to the bottom of the strip. They are young, that is, for the moon, because they are much brighter and have bright “rays” coming from them.
They are far more recent than any of the surface around them. The objects you imaged, on the other hand are much older, as gauged by the pits (small craters) on them. They are probably just natural blocks of rock, tossed out of some massive crater impact elsewhere on the moon, but oh how intriguing!


Mars Wheel.


Maybe it’s one of NASA’s rovers “Spirit” or “Opportunity”?
Or that’s Opportunity taking a sneaky photo of Spirit’s flashy new wheels :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Its interesting for sure…


looks like some of my son’s Tonka truck wheels 30 years ago. OMG where the hell did that time era go???


I didn’t hear you say “30 years ago.” Did anyone else? :roll_eyes:


Mars Wrench.


Claus, This looks to me like the desiccated remains of a fish, perhaps of a flying fish. -ake


AKE Yes it also look like a fisk, I dont know about if its a flying fish, but atleast a Mars fish then.


Another one,
Mars Fire Smoke???


Probably a “dust devil.” NASA had observed several of them when the winds were blowing. Winds still blow on Mars.


Could be, but really look like fire with smoke.


Mars another WOW.