Manual addition of parentheses around *Tomnod Platform* URLs


Sometime in the last few months in the Forum, we lost the auto addition of parentheses around Tomnod Platform URLs. Without them, Tomnod Platform URLs default to the main tomnod link.

We never had to manually add ( and ) around a campaign link before. It would not be a big deal, except most links go to the platform/campaigns, and new folks don’t know the need to add them. Heck, Em had to tell me how to fix it when it first started happening. So now, I fix all of them manually. :frowning:

Note: YouTube and other URLs don’t seem affected.

Could you ask the techs to look at the forum & Tn code for this one issue, @Mel_Nod @Jon_Saints

Thank you.


I think it all went wrong sometime around the time we were all locked out again Cagey…but it could have a been a bit before that. I just seem to remember it was in the course of fixing something or other for a few nodders and that’s when it went.

It’s just automatic practice for me now to insert the brackets first then drop the URL between them :smiley:
But like you say, not everyone is going to know that :unamused:


I don’t remember if, when starting a new thread, if there was the “hyperlink” icon to use to insert a link or not, but whenever you reply to a post you can always just click on that to insert it. That still works okay.


I always forget that’s even there :hushed: :blush:


Okay, I have no idea what you all are talking about. Is this when you want to post a URL to a tile in a campaign? :flushed:


:smile: Yes Kateg, when you paste the copied URL straight into a post, these days it ends up looking like this without the brackets…

…or this with the brackets

And this is what may confuse newer members who are unaware of the issue. But if click on the Tomnod it will actually take you to that url address, be it tile or poly…it’s just a newby won’t always know what its for or about.


The URL with parentheses should not show any boxed info.

( )


I think that is what Em was trying to say. Good night! :sleeping:


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I needed to use parenthesis for non TN link I just posted in cageycat lounge.


Thanks @cageycat. I’ve heard you all talking about this but have been a little unclear.
Let me do some testing here to make sure I understand




Ok I think I’ve got you. The generic fill-in is not helpful at all, so if we put it in brackets it doesn’t bring anything up, right?

Did it used to have other behavior that was better - ie brought up a useful thumbnail?


[quote=“Mel_Nod, post:15, topic:5259”]
Ok I think I’ve got you. The generic fill-in is not helpful at all, so if we put it in brackets it doesn’t bring anything up, right?

Not sure what you are referring to @Mel_Nod. I need the parentheses to have a visible (i.e legible) URL that I can click on. I find that if I click on the TN statement that you showed in your above post I will still get to the web site just won’t know what it is until I get there. Hope this is helpful and that I didn’t talk all around the subject.

Also this is not unique to TN URL’s. I had the same problem with sharing a non TN link on the forum and needing parentheses.


It used to be that when we copy/paste a url into a post it just appeared in blue (just as it does within the brackets. But we want it without brackets or us having to put brackets around it; like it used to be :smiley:
So we can just copy and paste a url into a post without faffing around with having to put brackets around it that’s all…it becomes a pain in the butt if you’re posting several url’s at once.

No fancy boxes, brackets or thumbnails, just a plain ole blue url link just like the one you’ve put in brackets…but without the brackets :sweat_smile: :laughing: :rofl:


What Em said. :wink:

Here’s the lo-down…

We copied a Tn platform URL and plopped it in a forum post. And like Em said, the text just turned blue all by itself. No text box (unneeded, unwanted) because the URL is to a map image.

Then, suddenly Tn URLs started producing an unhelpful text box, as if the Tn URL has text associated with it. But it doesn’t. So it puts up a generic Tn message in a box, which is unneeded. Worse, all of our Forum (except private messages) is indexed in Google-- to prevent the littering of those generic Tn boxes across the forum, Em figured out we were missing the parentheses that made “a link” stay “a link”.

However, most outside URLs auto-make their own useful text or image boxes, such as, (no parentheses needed):

(oooo, good music to mull over a problem)


It brought up a simple, blue, clickable text link, without us adding ( ) around the URL.



Outside URLs (with no help from us) brought up their own text boxes, e.g. a box: showing descriptive text . This is wikipedia.

By the way, while you’re on this, if you put more than 1 link in a message, the bottom/top bump up against each other. There is no line spacing between “this is a link”. If you look at my posts, you will see that I add
1 dot
1 dot
between links to add line spacing.

Without dots—
Any chance of including a directive of “add line spacing below a link”? If you know where Discourse has its css file for customizing presentation of links, you should find a place to add padding above / below.


Ok all, here’s what I’m getting from discourse. This is called link previewing, and it’s one of our “built-in features” :wink: I know some of you - all of us? - might dispute the usefulness of this.

But what I did get is myriad ways around it:

  1. good old parenthesis, which we know (
  2. Embed it in the middle of some text like this
  3. If it is on it’s own line, not embedded in text, put a space first like so
  4. use a tick on either end
    the tick is this symbol:
  5. Use carrots on either end