Manual addition of parentheses around *Tomnod Platform* URLs


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Ok…got that angel_saintly


Yes, Facebook has something similar and it also gives the option to switch it off when you post a url link.


Idea for @cageycat | Cagey can use her kitty emojis before and after a link, or just use the “insert hyperlink” icon at the top when replying to a post. :smiley_cat:


But…but…but… it’s broken.

Why does plopping in a URL now not create the blue link like it used to do, without doing any of 1 to 5?


I hear you @cageycat and @EmeraldEyes! I still have an email in to Discourse on it, so we’ll see what I hear. More soon I hope!


I tried, but when people click the link my whiskers tickle their mouse! :mouse2: :cat2:: Munchies!


Hi all - Heard back again from discourse. They can’t (won’t?) disable it. They reiterated the options that we’ve already discussed here. Sorry about that! I know (oh how I know!) it’s frustrating to be working with an imperfect system. For now let’s think of it as OUR imperfect system.

But please don’t hesitate to continue to send suggestions or wishes - you never know when one of them might work out.


In that case, it’s definitely got to be the :white_check_mark::white_check_mark: or :carrot::carrot: as @EmeraldEyes suggested! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m hearing one of my hubby’s favourite phrases playing over and over in my head "if it’s not broken…lets fix it until it is; after all, it’s keeping someone in a job :rofl:


Yes, but the alternatives you mentioned are really no different from having to use the brackets :confused:
I’ll just have to stick with the brackets then sulk%20pouty


One thing I’ve noticed is that when you use the hyperlink icon to insert a link, discourse puts it in square brackets “[ ]” on one line and on the next line it’s in parenthesis “( )”. This shows in the text edit box on the right side of the one you type into. But when you click “Reply” it the hyperlink shows up by itself, in blue, without any square brackets or parenthesis.
Here’s what it looks like in the box to the right of the edit box:
NOTE: I had to add the quotation marks in order for the software not to do its thing and automatically translate what was on the two lines into a single blue hyperlink.


Hello everyone, I am new to Tomnod. I seem having abit trouble with imaging graphic it seems I am able to see clearly -1 to -5 zoom level but I am unable to see clearly pass +2 to +5, How can I fix this or anyone can help me or any opinions ?


Welcome to the forum WildWestRider, from a fellow nodder :slight_smile: (that’s the nickname fellow Tomnod volunteers have given ourselves here :grin: )

I’m not a TN techie myself so can’t provide any technical reasoning in any detail, but we’ve never had any clarity beyond +2 in all the years I’ve been here, in any of the campaigns. So, in that respect, you’re not alone.

But @Mel_Nod is the forum administrator and works for Tomnod, I’m sure she will be along to explain the “why” better than I ever could :blush:


Hi @WildWestRider! Thank you for joining us and being a Tomnod volunteer!

The reason you can’t see very well when you zoom in is because the resolution of satellite imagery is only so good. Depending on which satellite collects the image, we have either 50 or 30 cm resolution imagery. That means that 50cm (or 30cm) of “reality” are all bunched together into one pixel of the image with the general color of that area. So, you just never will be able to get much more clarity when you zoom in too far on satellite imagery. We realize this makes some of our tasks pretty difficult - having an eye for what things look like from space is definitely a skill.

Which, when you stop to think about it, is completely amazing. These satellites are orbiting around in space and yet are able to image clearly every 30cm - not too shabby!!

I imagine going forward, we will develop satellites with even better resolution…stay tuned for the future.