Map tile counter stopped working


While working on the Weddell seal 2 campaign I stopped to feed my granddaughter (5 weeks old). I noticed the counter was at 25.1k. I dozed off for a few hours after getting her back to sleep. When I awoke and resumed nodding, I noticed - after completing 15 rows on the map - that the counter still showed 25.1k. There are 40 tiles per row, so it definitely should have advanced. It was working fine until I took my little “break” for a few hours.
The only thing I haven’t tried was to exit the site and reenter again.


Mine does that occasionally - usually sorts itself out by me reloading the page…


Okay, thank you. I’ll try that after dinner.


Yep, same as Helen said; if I take a break TN takes a break too…just takes itself longer to come round :sweat_smile: :slight_smile:


The only problem is that hasn’t worked all day for me. After dinner the little one woke up. Mom is working, Dad and Grandma brought the girls upstairs for their baths, and I got to change the diaper, play with the baby, make a bottle, play with the baby, feed her 1 to 1-1/2 ounces, get a burp, play with her a little more (she is just fascinated with the ceiling fan and its shadow), finish feeding her, burps again, diaper change, and then walked around the house talking about everything she was staring at. After she fell asleep, I put her into her bassinet and headed back to the laptop for more nodding. Forgot to refresh the page. After a couple of rows, I realized the counter is still stuck where it was last night. Checked the forum, brought the dogs outside. No deer yet, just rabbits and a few squirrels heading home. Came back inside, forgetting about refreshing the page and went back to nodding. Checked the forum again and was once again reminded to refresh. That’s what I’m going to do right now! :roll_eyes:


Don’t you ever log off; do you leave it on over night Jim?


Oh, I log off. It’s just that last night I was tired, and by the time the baby was back to sleep, so was I! :grin:
When I awoke a few (3-1/2) hours later and went back to nodding, that’s when I noticed my counter was stuck.


Yeah! After my last post, I had to get the baby - she only took a “power nap” - changed her diaper; Mom came home and took over; I let one of the dogs outside (and went out with her); then came back and actually remembered to refresh the page. My counter added over 600 to the total! But actually, I usually don’t pay much attention to the counter. I just plug along, tile after tile, map after map. It was just a fluke that I happened to pay some mind to it today. Oh well, it’s working.
Mark as “Solved.” :grin:


The counter does have it’s uses…when one of the figures is still zero, I know the page isn’t loaded completely yet :smiley: