Mapping Ethiopia's Population - weekly standings


Read more about this project here.

Start mapping Ethiopia’s population here.

To celebrate this new project, we will be holding a raffle contest. Two people will be chosen at random from the pool of top 50 contributors (based on quality and quantity of contributions). The two lucky winners will be awarded an official Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) t-shirt, which have been graciously donated by FEWS NET as a thank you for our help providing famine-related data in South Sudan.

Weekly standings will be posted here starting February 5th.

Ethiopia Population Mapping campaign?

This is really kewl and exciting! Thanks Tomnod!


Participating has been exciting to me. My son is from Ethiopia so this campaign is extra special to me!


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In all, there are 16 sections for Ethiopia -each one will have its own campaign URL (the end of the URL will let you know which section you’re working in). We split it up so that Nodders don’t accumulate too many polygons and experience the slowness.

This blog post shows how we’ve split it up.


I’ve been wondering if you’d done, because I noticed it in other recent campaigns, makes such a difference :slight_smile:


Here are the current standings for the Ethiopia: Population mapping campaign! We will update the standings each week and will hold the t-shirt raffle once we’ve completed mapping across all 16 sections of Ethiopia :globe_with_meridians:

So far 2,626 people have contributed to this mapping campaign.

Ethiopia Population Mapping campaign?

Whoo hoo, great going so far! Keep on nodding!! :sunny:


Hi, I’m Beth, and apparently the highest ranking Tomnod addict. This was not my goal. I just got sucked in to looking for the roofs in Ethiopia. Gee, guess I spend too much time looking at maps lol. Happy hunting folks!


Hi @Beth yup it does get “addictive”. It’s a nice surprise when you see on a little line-up just how much you accomplished.


Congratulations to all the Nodders! Even those unseen because every mapped viewed is a step closer to solving the problem of locating people who need medicine, food, fresh water and proper toilets. So many things these searches can be used for to help give mankind a leg up so to speak. Well done!!! :clap:


New standings as of today! This combines Ethiopia sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 (as of today):

Many people have not yet filled-out their name in their profile… remember to do so :slight_smile:

Ethiopia Population Mapping campaign?

WOO HOO Congratulations to all of the Nodders! :tada: It is great to see so many names up there… you strangers need to come to the forum and visit once in awhile. It would be fantastic to find out where you are from and what made you a Nodder too. :grin:


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