Maria is 93% done?



I am still dropping tags where there are 0, 1, or 2 agrees. For example

Has lots of damage with few tags.

The entrance page says we are 93 % done :thinking:

Is this really the status?



Hi @kateg, thank you for continuing to drop tags on our maria campaign!

No, unfortunately, the stats on the homepage are not exactly correct. We have not gotten to the bottom of that issue yet.

I know others on the forum have talked about this, but it is sometimes difficult to get the tag in exactly the right place for tomnod to recognize agreement. Our QA algorithm does not work on the fly like that, but it will cluster points by certain radius of agreement for final datasets. The “so many agree” and the QA clustering are two different mechanisms in tomnod. So, long story short, don’t despair, and thank you for searching!


Hi again - this is the post I was thinking of:

Said well by @EmeraldEyes, who did a good experiment.