Meet our new WorldView-4 satellite


DigitalGlobe’s newest satellite, WorldView-4 is set to launch this Friday!

WorldView-4 Q&A

WorldView-4 microsite & countdown

Watch the launch livestream here


OMGosh how exciting is this? Totally stoked at the thought that there is yet another Tomnod in the expanse of space looking over us. Now about that asteroid that came breezing by that they didn’t see until two days ago… TN needs to get something up there that watches out for those nasty “near miss” types that show up with no warning. Then there would be mapping locations on the moon and mars for landing the next ventures to place humans on them.

I can’t help but think how much easier and more accurate the mapping :map: will be with this new WV4. :satellite_orbital: Think about it… the Italy :flag_it: earthquake would have been much easier to map if there had been at least a slight angle where you could tell that there was structural damage to the buildings. Sometimes the way the buildings were collapsed, unless there was grossly done damage to the roof itself, you couldn’t really tell. IF you have those slight angles that can still see the debris on the ground but obvious destruction to the sides of the building I think it would boost the accuracy rate significantly!

WOO HOO hope I can come online to the send off for WV4. :rocket: Oh I don’t suppose that WV4 will be sharing imagery of any UFO’s? :alien: WHAAAAT??? Was just askin’! Yeesh a gal can dream ya know! :vulcan:


@HappyMapper do we have an estimated launch time? :clock1: I have bookmarked the live stream site but I was not able to find an approximate time. I can go to the site like an hour early and just leave it up and running while I do other things… if I hear a count down I will know to run :runner: to the computer! :upside_down:


That’s not such a bad idea!


Oh my, “birth” is fast approaching! Breathe! Breathe! (Yes, Nodders too-- we’re all excited!)

I still want to know how WV3 took the news? LOL


“When WorldView-4 approaches its end of life, and before it runs out of fuel, DigitalGlobe satellite operators will decommission the satellite. The last of its fuel will be used to lower the satellite’s altitude to the point where it will reenter and burn up in the atmosphere.”

Hmmm… I wonder… How big would its urn need to be? Kinda sad to think of its end before it begins…


I was just wondering… when does a rocket begin to breathe heavily/pant? Then, we’ll know WV4 is soon to be born!

So excited! Wish I could be “in attendance”. Extra midwife maybe?

Come on, @Tomnod, we know you’re all on pins and needles and ‘flying’ as you’re awaiting WV4… what’s the chatter around the water cooler? hmm? How are all the godparents doing? Anyone fainted yet from anticipation? Girl, what I’d give for a webinar hookup just to see everyone’s jittery excitement!! :cat2: Who is going out to the site on The Big Birth Day?


That’d be when they load the liquid oxygen I suppose

Live Broadcast: ULA’s live launch broadcast will begin at 11:10 a.m. PDT. (Fri)
[Edit: that’s 4am Sat here…I’ll watch the replay…]


Oh @Michael10 You have such a quick wit !! (a “wicked wit”) Had me laughing despite just awakening in pain at 3am. Zing!

Might you know what will be happening with babe and mom just before Mrs. Atlas V Launch Vehicle (she married a Count, I heard) will get the “urge to push” LOL

Yeah, yeah, @HappyMapper we’re all a little bonkers with anticipating a (do we know how much “she” weighs?) ? pound satellite’s birth. Broad :smiley_cat:


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I think Momma Rocket is getting antsy!


Launch mass 2,087 kg (4,601 lb):astonished:
Dimensions 7.9 × 5.3 m (26 × 17 ft)


I hear Momma Rocket had a sleepless night. Like many mommas, the “baby” got more active through the night, with knees and feet poking all the wrong places. It’s good that momma’s “doctors” ordered her to report to the hospital a week or more ago. She and baby are on all kinds of monitors— baby’s heart beat is strong! Momma and all the monitors show vigorous movements!! Labor well underway! Wake up everyone! Don’t want to miss this!

The seconds pass quickly, but the hours not so fast. You got time for a shower, breakfast, the morning news, and a browsing of email… so GET READY—lol.

I’m sure each of us will have unique perspectives about the birth, so get ready to share your thoughts and observations here!


Ooooo… lookie…

Caption Seven @NatReconOfc #CubeSats are scheduled to launch tomorrow on @DigitalGlobe’s #WV4 satellite. Photo: @ulalaunch


Don’t know what CubeSats are but WV4 has em.

Oh, and I spotted that they are doing a YouTube live streaming here:


TODAY IS THE DAY!!! It is WV4’s BIRTH-day!!! Will be standing by at 11:00 to be sure I don’t miss it. WOO HOO!!! HAPPY BIRTH-day to WV4 and CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TOMNOD team!

Photo from and explains the history of the stork and babies!


A CubeSat (U-class spacecraft) is a type of miniaturized satellite for space research that is made up of multiples of 10×10×11.35 cm cubic units. CubeSats have a mass of no more than 1.33 kilograms per unit, and often use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components for their electronics and structure. :rocket:


I should NOTE: that that would be 11:00 Pacific time! :clock11: :rocket:


Note the clocks on the DG countdown and the ULA’s YouTube channel don’t match… over 30 minutes difference.

Solution: I left both screens open for live-streaming, so whichever starts first, I’ll hear it.


Oh no! Screen says the launch attempt for today is “scrubbed”. Oh my…


Yeah I have it flagged for tomorrow at 2 EST. Pretty sure that they don’t want to mess with fueling issues. Darn those long labors! :upside_down: