Meet our new WorldView-4 satellite


You’re too funny. Cute pic. (My human buys “Beefsteak Rye”-- seeds! yuck!) You’re missed when you aren’t around. You been stuck in Haiti? Or at an Airport?


Em, Been wondering the same thing. Figured you must have gone on vacation to the Med., or something. We know where Cagey has been-on the softest spot she could find licking her shoulder and paw. Having broken nearly every different bone in my body over a long and checkered career, I can definitely commiserate. Where’s the catnip??


Looking forward to watching the launch!


:laughing: And there I thought I was being sooo discreet and subtle about it all . . .


LOL! That was funny! I hope I didn’t wake anyone up with my laughing. It’s 3:05AM here! :laughing:



Ok, here comes trouble…but I just couldn’t resist one last try at you waking everyone up Jim7 :smiling_imp: : :innocent:


I got out of this one… I clicked on the link at 1:45 PM instead of the early morning hours! :wink: I also clicked on the link in the email I received from Tomnod forum so that is why the above link didn’t show that someone clicked on it. Sorry.
I watched the entire short video and watched the next one as well. Then I said, I’m outta here. Time to run down to my house and clean the litter box, comb the cat and make sure she has plenty of food, water and of course, a few treats. Then we’ll play “basketball” together. I toss the ball into the air. As it comes down, she’ll run with it as she bounces it with alternating paws. She doesn’t even get a “walk” foul called against her. :wink:


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