Mel can you please comment on this?


Any changes in Tomnod? Does “Maxar Technologies Holdings Inc.” support us, the Nodders?

MDA Completes Acquisition of DigitalGlobe, Creates Industry Leader in Satellite Systems, Earth Imagery, Geospatial Solutions and Analytics

" The Company also announced today that MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) will become Maxar Technologies Ltd., and its U.S.-headquartered operating company, SSL MDA Holdings, Inc., will become Maxar Technologies Holdings Inc. The new Maxar Technologies launches a distinctive group of leading space brands, technologies and capabilities."

" Dr. Walter S. Scott has been appointed chief technology officer for Maxar Technologies. Dr. Scott formed DigitalGlobe in 1992 as WorldView Imaging Corporation, the first company to receive a high-resolution commercial remote sensing license from the U.S. Government, and will continue to lead DigitalGlobe’s Platform business while taking on expanded responsibilities for the Company."

"Maxar Technologies Ltd., and its U.S.-headquartered operating company, SSL MDA Holdings, Inc., " – Are you all in Colorado still gonna be “DigitalGlobe” who sees a better world? Sniffle… Will you still be in Colorado??

cc - cats never like changes… :frowning_face:


Hi all!
Yes, all of this is correct. The acquisition closed last week officially (but has been in the works for quite some time) and DG is now owned by MDA.

The plan is for DG to operate as a standalone business unit of Maxar. As far as I know, there is no planned changes for tomnod that would impact our group here.

It’s all very new, but from my perspective, we are operating business as usual!


So I can still refer to DG when I answer questions?

And Dr Scott will still be in charge of all the ‘big dreaming’?

And I still get to occupy my comfy ‘perch’/cat bed at the big picture window on WV4?

And all the Nodders still get to help DG to "See a better world.® " ?

If yes to all these… happy :cat2:


You will to all of these, @cageycat :smile:

Thanks for brining this up! Things have been so normal around here I forget sometimes that it happened.


Good Afternoon, Mel.
I hope the transition is moving smoothly for you and the rest of our family.

My question; Is what about GlobalXplorer and it’s associated components and staff? Will that be a transparent transition as well or is that a separate issue? A couple of us nodders participated in the beta testing of GX and think we would be alittle sad to see it dissolved. - ake (The Panda Whisperer)


Hi @AKE235, apologies for my slow reply!

The merger shouldn’t impact DG’s relationship with GlobalXplorer. I’m also hoping for a GX round 2 in a new country. I was on a call last week on the topic and GlobalXplorer is still working out details - the where, whats, and whos. I will keep you posted as I know more but fingers crossed for good news!