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Hi all, we had a big Tomnod crash today. When you next go to Tomnod, you will likely get a blank page and {“message”:“invalid signature”}.

We are looking for a better fix but in the meantime, to get back on, you need to clear your cookies.

When you get back to Tomnod, you will need to log back in.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks as always for your work!


:pill: for stubbed bits
:pill: for stubbed bytes

:pill: :pill: for headaches
:pill: :pill: for aches and pains

:pill: :pill: :pill: for “Crash Rash” (“computer burn”, like road burn, except universe sized)
:pill: :rocket: :artificial_satellite: For the family of satellites who could not Call Home. Poor guys, they musta been scared out there all by themselves!

:pill: :pill: :pill: :pill: :pill: for Dr Scott, for @Jon_Saints @Mel_Nod and @HappyMapper – and a big oxygen tank for each of you — breathe! breathe!

:rescue_worker_helmet: Crash helmet :smiley:


I couldn’t resist…just couldn’t let this one drift on by without adding something…but this is the best I could find in the short space of time I’ve got here today :wink: :upside_down_face:


Thanks, that fixed it.


For latecomers, the new on-screen message reads:

{“message”:“There was a problem verifying your token. Please try clearing your browser cookies.”}

On a humorous note…
Wondering if it will accept a bus token? Got one from 1972-73 before the old bus company closed, and the new bus company wouldn’t accept them. Remember when a bus ride was 0.25 cents? My sister was dating the new company’s bus driver, so we got a few rides for free. :blush: BTW, the “new” city buses were old yellow school buses.

Glad I even remembered my PW.

@Jon_Saints :candy: :icecream: :cake: Thank you. Some :beers: for after work.


I still have a school bus token from when I was in grade school from the old United Traction Company (Albany, NY ca. 1960-68). It was only supposed to be used by students and during weekdays. Those buses looked like they were all manufactured between 1940 and 1960! :smiley: The older buses used to smoke a lot, so no one in cars would follow too closely behind them - especially at a red light! :rofl: But I have to admit, they had the most comfortable stuffed/padded seats! All the new buses have hard plastic seats and backs. The old buses were red with some yellow. I bet if one was left along side a road, someone could have made a diner out of it. :rofl:
Cagey, your remark about school buses made me remember the time the Central School District here (where I live now) wanted the taxpayers to purchase some new buses. Instead of trading in the old ones to knock a chunk of change off the price of the new ones, they auctioned them off “as is” to the highest bidder. They all went to the same company who got them as “scrap.” :angry: This company cleaned them up, gave them a quick going over and resold them - for a handsome profit! Hmmm… I think I see a whole lot wrong with that picture.


Hi Everybody,
We believe we’ve fixed this message completely - no one will need to clear cookies :cookie: anymore. THANK you for your patience!!!


Shucks! I was gonna bet that my city bus token would work better than Jim’s school bus token, but too late since you’all went and fixed it! (Jim, you think we could try it anyway? LOL Sneak in after midnight and see if anyone notices a different token.)


I’ll grab the token when I go back down to my house tomorrow to tend to Angel (:smiley_cat:).




“uh, I was after the Pretzel Thief! I swear I saw him in here!”


Ah, Cagey? There’s seemed to be an increasing number of “non-technical” posts in this “Technical Issues” thread. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, yeah, we’re all so chatty. LOL Sometimes, it gets beyond me how to tease apart the posts without destroying the flavor of the thread.

Instead of splitting here, I marked the thread as solved, since it is. But yeah, we gotta reign in our vices and stay on topic. :wink: (haha - cough – stern look). So…who will be the first to let go of the reigns and let the horse gallop or graze? hmm


More than likely it will be me… sigh… :rofl:


LOL, or me (bats token, making it slide across the floor… and making this post longer than 20 characters)


I’ll check my crystal ball shall I CrystalBall1 :smile: