Missing our DRAW campaigns


@Mel_Nod We wanna DRAW.

I haven’t asked in a good year …


I’ll second the request on Cagey’s behalf! I never personally got on with the draw campaigns, every time I tried, my hands shake too much to contribute much of use… I can certainly see the appeal though! :+1:


:thinking: I write with my left hand, but I’m right-handed when it comes to the mouse. I know I will not be able to do drawing with my right hand. I’ll have to pass on any drawing campaigns. Or, I supposed I could buy a “left-handed” mouse and give that a go. :wink:


Have you tried just footprints of only big buildings? Might be easier??


I DON’T miss the DRAW campaigns; I don’t think the tool we used was good enough for the details we needed to draw.


Never tried any drawing campaigns. I wonder… would using a stylus on the touchpad on my laptop work? That way I could draw using my left hand. :thinking:


Hi @cageycat, no, we have retired Draw campaigns indefinitely, because they were bug bug bug infestations on our end! Very difficult for us to get good data out of them, as some of your experience may indicate.


Awwwwwwww, but I started to be good at it!!!

However, I did wonder why I itched so much after DRAWing.
Thought I had fleas! :cat:


I have a symmetrical mouse :computer_mouse: that can be used with either hand. You can even tell Windows to swap the buttons over if you’d find it easier to use (I do that, it means that “right-click” is actually “normal-click” and vice-versa - trust me, it’s easy to get used to!)


You just want me to get cramps in my left index finger as well as the right… don’t you! :rofl:


Not at all! :wink: That’s one of the reasons I have that sort of mouse :computer_mouse: - so that I can use it with the other hand when the first one gets tired / in pain / cramped etc. (which happens frequently… :scream::persevere:


That’s something I may have to look into. Thank you for the info.


@Jim7 and @Helen Or you could just have 2 cordless mice…one programmed for each hand :smiley: :laughing: No need for re-programming then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nooooooo! :scream: Can’t stand wireless mice or keyboards! I use those things right next to the computer anyway, so can’t really see the need to replace the wire with batteries :battery::battery: that constantly need changing, or run out just when you need them most. :confounded:

It’s usually a setting within the operating system that determines which way around the buttons are.
I use a little free program called “XMouse Button Control”, it just sits in the system tray (down by the clock) and is easier to click on with ouchy hands (instead of digging around in the Control panel) when you want to switch over.

One of the guys I work with has two mice plugged into his computer - a left-handed one and a right-handed one (shaped), so he can switch over without mucking about with the computer. He’s OK with using the same-side button clicks for both though - I tried that but couldn’t make my brain work that one out. I had to mirror what I did with each hand, which meant swapping the buttons over!


Would never want to go back to wired mouse :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’d been wishing for one even before they were invented :smiley: I wished for Windows before it was invented too…that’s at least 2 wishes that have actually come true in my lifetime :laughing: Now I just wish they wouldn’t take over so much control over my machine dumping so much junk in it that I don’t want nor will ever need :unamused:

And just to get back on-topic…

The drawing campaigns were only ever like dot-to-dot…connecting lots of little straights lines like your grandchildren probably do :wink:


I initially liked the idea of wireless mice, but after having had several (some cheap, some less so) and suffering the same battery draining issues on all of them, I gave up and went back to wired, seeing as it didn’t really make any difference to using the thing!
During my wireless mouse phase I even resorted to taking the batteries out when I’d finished using the mouse, to try to increase the battery life. Made a small difference, but I was still buying so many batteries it became ridiculous, especially when I couldn’t really work out what the advantage was.

I couldn’t make the lines straight, no matter how hard I tried! Everything turned out wonky…
I put it down to me being used to the CAD programmes I use every day, they’re much easier to get straight and parallel lines…


:open_mouth: You’re kidding me! We have two mice for 3/4 years now and only ever changed the batteries once on both of them…like tv remote controls…one’s HP and the other Polaroid and they only take one battery, I tend to use Duracell!. They’re both contoured but weren’t expensive (we’re not made of money :wink: ).


If I use them both at the same time, I should be able to twice as many tiles in the same amount of time - right? :thinking::roll_eyes:


I was happy when the mouse came out to play, but I always preferred DOS over Windows. You really had to use your brain, think… ask for help (read communicate with others) or read the help manuals that really really did help! Not like the useless “help” you find today. As for user interfaces, there were a lot of DOS menus and such that came about, as well as communication programs that I’ll admit were more for the technically inclined with showing upload/download speeds, total file size and how much was left to upload/download, etc… Ah! Those were the days! :wink:


That’s it! Too childish for me! Count me out! :rofl: I’d probably get blurry vision trying to find the dots, much less connect them! :slightly_smiling_face: Nah… my hand would be too shakey for that. I used to be able to draw quite well - eagles, eagle heads, faces, etc… Haven’t drawn anything much in a while, but the last time I did, I had to resort to the use of “feathering” with the pencil - much like a painter’s feather strokes. Oh well… I still think I’d be passing on drawing campaigns.